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Leonie Cooper is a music and culture journalist with over fifteen years experience writing for publications such as The Guardian and NME.
Los Angeles

The 10 best music bars in Los Angeles

What the hell are you doing drinking in LA? Well if you hit up any of these bars and venues you’ll be having an...
Sister Nancy

The Unsung – Sister Nancy is sampled on all your favourite songs

You’ve definitely, absolutely heard Sister Nancy’s 'Bam Bam'. A huge crossover reggae hit from 1982 that will most likely be played on every single...
Nashville best music bars

The 10 best music bars Nashville has to offer

There’s much more to Nashville than just country music. There’s also beer. Frankly, that’s enough for us. Here are 10 of the city’s best...
Cindy Walker

The Unsung: Cindy Walker penned country songs for the ages on her pink typewriter

Hollywood is the land of apocryphal stories; everything from Lana Turner being discovered while sipping on a milkshake in a drugstore to Jayne Mansfield...
Shampoo Trouble The Unsung

The Unsung: Shampoo’s brand of nonchalant sass burst the bubble of 90s pop

The mid-1990s UK pop landscape was a strange beast. While indie was busy seamlessly merging into the all-dominating force that was Britpop, the fluffier...
Tina Bell

The Unsung – Tina Bell invented grunge

Confession time: I only found out that Bam Bam existed about two months ago while researching for an interview with TJ Miller, co-director of...
Greentea Peng GUCCI SUIT

Greentea Peng: “I’ve always stood out like a sore thumb” | Cover Story

Greentea Peng Greentea Peng's debut album is as eclectic as the person behind it. As she prepares to release the psychedelic grooves of 'Man Made',...
Texacala Jones

The Unsung – Texacala Jones is the trashy queen of cowpunk

Of all the niche crossover genres, the sweetly savage sound of cowpunk has my heart in the tightest grip. Running parallel to the 1980s’...
June Millington

The Unsung – Fanny were the first all-female rock band

When homegrown guitar hero in the making, Aziya, name-dropped Fanny’s June Millington in a recent interview, it was all we could do not to...
The Donnas

The Unsung – The Donnas’ made trashy, noughties punk about your rowdy teenage years

A first for The Unsung, this week’s column features a band that, though no longer still with us, I actually saw play live. I...