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Punk’s lack of diversity is at odds with its spirit – and it’s time for evolution

“We’re Bikini Kill and we want revolution, Girl-style now!” Kathleen Hanna yelled out on Bikini Kill’s 1992 track, ‘Double Dare Ya’,...

Shamir – ‘Shamir’ review: an experimental, varied record from the prolific artist

“Hi, hi, howdy, howdy, hi, hi!’” sang Shamir cheerfully on the opening moments of  his breakthrough single ‘On...

Deftones – ‘Ohms’ review: ferocious after thirty years

To date Deftones are filed under at least seventeen different musical genres. So for the uninitiated, their highly distilled ninth record...


IDLES: “We are allies whether people say we are or not”

Joe Talbot doesn’t care about what people think of him, except when he does. At the end of an elongated stretch...

Trash In The Attic

What junk have you got buried in your loft? In our new podcast, musicians have a rummage around in their attic to find some hidden gems from their past. From broken guitars to childhood diaries, we hear the stories behind these lost items.

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