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Best Black Friday deals for music fans

Black Friday – AKA discount day – is upon us and since most of us can't get out to the shops...

The Smashing Pumpkins – ‘Cyr’ review: a double album that shoots for the moon but runs out of fuel

Marilyn Manson once said that Billy Corgan looks like Charlie Brown. Picture Charlie Brown as a glittery...

Grammy nominations 2021 – A great year for rock, a strange one for rap, and an utterly bizarre one for albums

Ah, the yearly Grammys conversation. The vast amount of categories and time taken to wade through them normally delays the internet...


Babeheaven: “I’ve written songs about people I shouldn’t have”

Babeheaven like to write about things they know, but sometimes it gets them into trouble. "I've written songs about people I...

Trash In The Attic

What junk have you got buried in your loft? In our new podcast, musicians have a rummage around in their attic to find some hidden gems from their past. From broken guitars to childhood diaries, we hear the stories behind these lost items.

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