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Connie Constance – ‘The Butterfly Club’ review: spirited songs that kick identity politics onto playful new ground

“I’m cute but I might kick you,” Connie Constance said in an interview last year. It’s a fairly...

45s of the week – reviewed by Gorillaz’ Noodle!

"The purpose of art is self-expression. To review is to look over or improve, but I cannot express for another. So it...

Instead of focusing on Billie’s body, we should be admiring her political influence

At a time where we’re all stuck at home perpetually scrolling Twitter for some kind of enlightenment, it doesn’t take much...


Ray BLK: “My next single features the most gangster hip-hop artist in the UK”

We had a quick Stop & Chat with Ray BLK about new single 'Lovesick' and what's come from the award-winning artist.

Trash In The Attic

What junk have you got buried in your loft? In our new podcast, musicians have a rummage around in their attic to find some hidden gems from their past. From broken guitars to childhood diaries, we hear the stories behind these lost items.

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