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Cordelia works a city job by day, with her headphones always on. She comes alive at night, to write about music and to rewatch Maggie Rogers performing 'Back in My Body' at Red Rocks. She’s thinking about getting a tattoo of Mitski’s 'A Burning Hill'.
King Isis

King Isis is starting anew

Oakland-born singer-songwriter King Isis has channeled the pain of unraveling past traumas and shame directly into their new EP, ‘shed’. “Tapping into yourself, doing...
Lucinda Chua

TREMORS// Lucinda Chua’s mesmeric debut album marks a new beginning

Amidst the still and inwardness of the pandemic, artist, cellist and multi-instrumentalist Lucinda Chua found herself faced with a familiar feeling of something missing...
Gracie Abrams in bed

Gracie Abrams: “I’ve said goodbye to versions of myself I no longer recognise”

As she releases her debut album 'Good Riddance' and prepares to go on tour with Ms Taylor Swift, Gracie Abrams is practising accountability in her life and music – the result is some of her most nuanced work to date.
Gracie Abrams

Gracie Abrams – ‘Good Riddance’: a bold exploration of the difficult side of introspection

Gracie Abrams spends the first three minutes of her debut album, ‘Good Riddance’, apologising.  “I was so negligent / I feel terrible about how...
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift – ‘Midnights’ review: the chameleonic artist reminds us of her razor-sharp creative...

When Taylor Swift surprise announced a forthcoming new album in her winning VMAs speech in August, a delight and excitement gripped the internet with...
Beckah Amani

TREMORS// Beckah Amani makes music about the beautiful chaos of our twenties

“Home can be anywhere”, says Beckah Amani. Born in Tanzania to Burundian parents, Amani moved with her family to Australia at seven years old....
Maya Hawke

Maya Hawke – ‘Moss’ review: a thorny, prickly picture of womanhood

“I 've got sticky little words / They heal and they hurt”, sings Maya Hawke on ‘Sticky Little Words’. The track is from Hawke’s...

Blackpink – ‘BORN PINK’ review: confident and energetic, but on a familiar form

After another long wait, Blackpink are back. ‘Born Pink’, the group’s second studio album, comes after years of a somewhat irksome label strategy of...
Niki Zefanya interview

The Many Lives of NIKI | Cover Story

The Indonesian singer songwriter got her start online, then wiped the slate clean when she exploded on the big stage. Now on sophomore album ‘Nicole’, she is finding her way back to her own beginning.
Maggie Rogers Surrender

Maggie Rogers – ‘Surrender’ review: a gut-punching celebration of being alive

Listening to ‘Surrender’ feels like the blood rushing back into your legs as you start to run. Like your heart lifting in your ribcage....