Glastonbury 2024: everything we know about next year’s festival

Let's look ahead to this summer's Glastonbury: the highlight of the musical year.


A highlight in the 2024 calendar is without a doubt, Glastonbury festival. For anyone who bagged a much-coveted Glastonbury ticket, the Somerset festival is sure to be up there on things you’re most looking forward to in the year ahead. After another glorious Glastonbury in 2023, we’re already counting down the days until next year’s festival. As ever, the rumour mills are turning about who could headline Glastonbury in 2024.

Ahead of any concrete announcements from Family Eavis, this is what we know and what we’ve deduced about next year’s festival.

When is Glastonbury 2024?

26-30 June 2024.


Where will Glastonbury 2024 take place?

The same place as ever: Worthy Farm, Somerset. The nearest train station is Castle Cary.

How can I register for Glastonbury 2024 tickets?

You have missed the registration window for 2024 which closed on the 13th November 2023. The only place to register is via the official Glastonbury website (also the only place it’s possible to buy tickets). If you haven’t registered since 2010, your registration will have expired. So make a note to get ahead for next year.

How much do Glastonbury tickets cost?

£360. This is up from £335 plus a £5 booking fee from 2022’s general admission full weekend tickets. You will need to pay a £50 deposit for your ticket on purchase and pay it off in instalments until the first week of April 2024, when the balance must be paid in full.

When do tickets go on sale?

You’ve missed it. Tickets + coach travel options went on sale at 6pm GMT on Thursday 16th November, 2023. General admission tickets went on sale at 9am GMT on Sunday 19th November, 2023 and sold out in an hour. For now, your chance to bag Glastonbury tickets has passed until the resale in the spring, when anyone who can no longer attend will have returned their ticket and the frantic clicking begins all over again.

How many tickets can I buy?

Each person can buy six Glastonbury tickets but you must supply the names of each person you are buying for at the point of purchase and each person must already be registered.

Who is going to headline Glastonbury 2024?

Emily Eavis has been open about her desire to book two female headliners for 2024.

Madonna has never topped the Pyramid Stage before and now that her Celebration Tour has kicked off it seems more than likely that she could be a headliner. Emily Eavis posted a photo from the opening night with the caption “She’s back. Incredible!” which fans took to be a major hint.

Rihanna has also never headlined before and after her Super Bowl performance, we know she’s still got it.

Ed Sheeran has just announced a world tour with a suspicious gap over Glastonbury. He last topped the Pyramid stage in 2017 and made headlines for doing the set entirety solo – just him and his guitar.

Another rumour we’ve heard is Dua Lipa – again it would be a first and she has recently announced that her third album will be arriving in 2024.

A recent tabloid ‘leak’ named Madonna, Dua Lipa and Coldplay as the three headliners for 2024 but festival boss, Emily Eavis denied this to be true in a message via her Instagram on 4 November. “As always, there is much speculation and excitement about who is playing at Glastonbury,” she wrote. “We are working on the line-up day and night at the moment, but it’s still changing every day. The story about our confirmed headliners is untrue. As always, we love your enthusiasm and guesswork – but accurate news on headliners will be with you sometime in the new year!”

Green Day are in the UK over Glastonbury weekend. They are playing Wembley on the Saturday night, but a Friday or Sunday night set might still be possible.

Blur have recently announced that they will be playing Coachella 2024. With Damon now living just down the road from Worthy Farm, might the band pop up to play recent album ‘The Ballad Of Darren’?

What about the rest of the lineup?

Emily Eavis has confirmed that she has booked a “really big” female US artist for the Sunday afternoon Legends slot. In 2023, it was taken by Yusuf/Cat Stevens, in 2022, Kylie Minogue. Could this be the slot that Madonna chooses to fill?

There’s nothing else announced just yet but we’re hopeful to see boygenius tour ‘The Record‘, Lorde bring her eclectic new live show (and a new album?) to Worthy Farm, Arlo Parks to serenade us in the late afternoon and Olivia Rodrigo to top her iconic Glastonbury debut in 2022 with a new album. In fact, Olivia Rodrigo does have a Glastonbury-shaped hole in her GUTS tour dates that will see her in the UK around the time of the festival. With two albums under her belt, she has the same back catalogue as Billie Eilish when she topped the Pyramid Stage. Could Olivia take the top slot this year? Watch this space for more info as we have it.

We are certain we will see the return of The Last Dinner Party, who have already bagged a Brits Rising Star gong and topped the BBC Sound Of Poll before the release of their debut album. Our bets are on an early-afternoon Pyramid Stage slot.

What should I pack for Glastonbury?

Don’t take more than you can carry. The schelp from the station/coach stop/car park to where you’re going to camp is likely very, very long. On a hot day, you will get very hot. If it’s muddy, it will take a very long time. Pack light. If you want to bring a trolley to carry things to the campsite, be aware that again, if it’s remotely muddy, it won’t easily roll and you will likely end up also carrying it.

The good thing about Glastonbury is that you can take in as much alcohol as you can carry. No single-use plastic is allowed on site (and glass isn’t allowed either) so be sure that any spirits or mixers you want to bring in are in reusable metal bottles or cans.

Although welly boots are a Glastonbury staple, for the last two years, I have not used mine because the weather has stayed dry and I have regretted lugging them there. If it hasn’t rained in the run-up to the festival and doesn’t look to have a downpour while you’re there, take a chance and leave them at home. Trainers or ankle boots will suffice – though nothing box-fresh.

Pack a warm jumper for the evening and a pair of tights or leggings if you’re planning to have your legs out during the day. It gets chilly quickly and you will likely be quite far from your tent. Layers are king.

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