Baxter Dury: “I’m lying in my hammock, listening to Bach like an absolute twatcock”

For this episode of Trash In The Attic, Baxter Dury digs around in his Hammersmith pad – the one he grew up in with dad Ian Dury of The Blockheads – to find some hidden gems from his past.


It’s week six of lockdown and we find Baxter in an hilariously loquacious mood. “I’ve gone through about five different stages of panic, not panicking. Then you have a phase of liking it, ‘Isn’t this amazing, everyone’s so charitable’ then I got back into a healthy cynical ‘fuck this, I want to work’. If anyone talks about how quiet it is now, or says something soft about it, I’m like ‘oh yeah get over it’.”

Baxter Dury The Night Chancers
Baxter Dury by Tom Beard

Locked down with his seventeen-year-old son, Cosmo, Baxter chats to The Forty-Five founder, Charlie Gunn, about writing a book, parenting in lockdown, his bohemian upbringing and watching the apocalypse unfold from the safety of his west-London balcony.

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Baxter’s Trash In The Attic

  1. The Smirking Lady
  2. Chessica
  3. ARP Odyssey Synth from the Mid 70s
  4. The Lockdown Hammock

Watch Baxter and Cosmo’s live stream for The Royal Albert Hall here, that we mention in the podcast.

And listen to Baxter’s new album, ‘The Night Chancers’, featuring the impossibly catchy ‘I’m Not Your Dog’ here: