Dream Wife’s Rakel Mjöll: “I hope people appreciate a gig more after this”

For this week's episode of Trash In The Attic, Dream Wife's Rakel Mjoll has a rummage through her sister's house in Iceland to dig out some things from her childhood.


It’s been two years since Dream Wife released their rowdy, self-titled debut album. The trio, who formed at art college in Brighton, quickly built a cult following, their feminist punk anthems and calls for safe spaces for women at their shows, resonating with an army of young fans.

Now they’re back and are about to drop their new record ‘So When You Gonna’, out July 3. It’s a poppier and at points, gentler-sounding album than their first, but with smatterings of The Wives’ punk energy and a strong message of female empowerment.

Frontperson, Rakel Mjöll, had a chat with Charlie Gunn for this week’s episode of our podcast Trash In The Attic. From lockdown in Iceland, Rakel talks about the new record, moving to Iceland as a pre-teen, the benefits of journalling and being a part of her uncle’s unusual art installations.


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Rakel’s Trash In The Attic:

  • Book of Icelandic flowers
  • Her diary
  • A guitar from Ragnar Kjartanssen’s art exhibition

Check out Rakel and her sisters in her uncle’s art installation here.

And listen to Dream Wife’s most recent singles, ‘Sports’, ‘Hasta La Vista’ and ‘So When You Gonna’ taken from from their upcoming album below: