Julien Baker podcast: “Kids in my neighbourhood used to call me ‘Dumpster Bike'”

For this episode of the Trash In The Attic podcast, Julien Baker revisits some of her childhood loves.


As the world patiently awaits the release of boygenius‘ debut album ‘The Record‘ (not to be confused with The Jonas Brothers’ upcoming LP ‘The Album’), on March 31, we dive into the archive for this previously unreleased conversation with the trio’s most rockin’ member, Julien Baker.

Julien is of course an excellent songwriter in her own right, releasing three stunning albums, ‘Sprained Ankle’, ‘Turn Out The Lights’ and 2021’s ‘Little Oblivions‘, but as one-third of the world’s coolest supergroup, she’s promised to bring “more sick riffs” to boygenius.

As part of our Trash In The Attic podcast series, we asked Julien to rummage around her attic for some hidden gems from her past: objects that elicit a strong memory or tell a great story. She certainly delivered.


In a conversation that spans everything from resourceful dads to gender identity, get to know Julien a little better, through the posessions that matter to her. Or at least, the things that mattered when she was 11.

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