45s of the week: Beabadoobee, Rejjie Snow, IDLES and more

The tracks you need to hear this week, reviewed this time by Charlie Gunn.


Beabadoobee – ‘Care’

Bea, The 90s called! They want their tunes back! Close your eyes and Beabadoobee’s music transports you back thirty years to simpler times when the economy was booming, Corona sang ‘Rhythm Of The Night’ and people dressed like, well, Beabadoobee. “I don’t want your sympathy/I guess I’ve had it rough/But you don’t really care“, Bea sings on ‘Care’: the perfect woozy summer anthem about selfish partners and childhood trauma.

Rejjie Snow – ‘Cookie Chips’

It’s an all-star cast for Rejjie Snow’s new track, ‘Cookie Chips’ which features MF Doom and Cam O’Bi. The first track we’ve heard from the Dublin rapper since 2018 album ‘Dear Annie’, ‘Cookie Chips’ and its accompanying cutesy video is the vibey jam to lift your why-is-the-world-so-fucked spirits. Doom’s killer bars against Cam O’Bi’s soulful vocals do wonders together. A good sandwich you’ve got yourself in there, Rejjie.

Mammút –’Sun and Me’

Iceland’s Mammút are back with two new tracks from their upcoming album – their second in English – ‘Ride the Fire’, out in October. The lead single, ‘Sun and Me’ is a 90s-tinged guitar track, produced by Vaccines Árni Hjörvar. Of ‘Sun and Me’, the band say the track is an attempt to “catch and embody the sun’s luminous being” and its shimmering chorus is certainly testament to that. Just whatever you do, don’t look directly at it.


IDLES – ‘A Hymn’

‘Shine, Jesus, Shine’, this ain’t. ‘A Hymn’ is a new slow-builder from everyone’s favourite bunch of woke punks. It’s not quite the frantic, shouty stuff we’ve come to love from IDLES but instead, a tension-packed dirge about shame and our need to be loved. Still present are the everyman character portrayals that made IDLES feel like the voice of us all, (“Hot Zumba classes at the new church/I lost ten pounds for the wedding“), but it’s a slower-pace and more mature sound from the band, perhaps a sign that we can expect a moodier vibe from their new record, out in September.

BENEE, Kenny Beats and Bakar – ‘Night Garden’

BENEE had one of those mega-viral TikTok moments with last single, ‘Supalonely’ and now is back with a new track which might not prompt a hand jive, but is pretty darn catchy all the same. The bedroom pop star is keen to shrug off Billie Eilish comparisons but it’s hard, when she really does sound a lot like Billie Eilish. For this track, she’s teamed up with man of the moment Kenny Beats and one of our favourite British up-and-comers, Bakar. It works.

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