45s of the week: Beabadoobee + Laufey, Caroline Polachek and more!

The tracks you need to hear this week, reviewed by Tyler Kelly


Picture Parlour – ‘Judgement Day’

Walking a fine line between the nonchalant swagger and poeticism of Alex Turner, and the all-or-nothing urgency and grit that Janis Joplin possessed, ‘Judgement Day’ is a love song of a timeless nature. Vocalist Katherine Parlour sings about surrendering to the earth-shaking feeling of desire with the kind of fervour of somebody who has lived a thousand lives. Picture Parlour feel like much-needed relief from the ubiquity of post-punk.

Caroline Polachek – ‘Dang’

Never one to skimp out on theatrics, Caroline Polachek’s nonsensical standalone single which was meant to feature on her fourth studio album, ‘Desire, I Want To Turn Into You’ features cascading violins, a distorted guttural scream, references to Mary Poppins and spilt milk, as well as the giggle which is present in ‘Bunny Is A Ride’. It feels like an impossible puzzle waiting to be pieced together. 

HotWax – ‘High Tea’

The teenage trio are on a path that feels unstoppable at the moment. Ahead of their tour with Royal Blood, they’ve dropped their second EP of the year, and lead single ‘High Tea’ sees the band channelling their angst through a viscous disco-punk hybrid bass line and heavy-hitting choruses that are therapeutically chaotic.


Holly Macve – ‘Suburban House (feat. Lana Del Rey)’

Proving that sliding into someone’s DMs can result in something beautiful, and not at all ick-inducing, ‘Suburban House’ is a melancholic acceptance of love being taken away from you – however fleeting or life-changing it may be. The delicate piano ballad feels rooted in a sense of nostalgia. Macve’s lyricism and vocals are evocative of old Hollywood glamour, which Del Rey has channelled throughout her career. On this song, they are the perfect match.

Beabadoobee and Laufey – ‘A Night To Remember’

Two worlds collide and seamlessly meld together in the collaboration which sees indie-pop sweetheart Beabadoobee enter the modern jazz world of Laufey. Syncopated drums act as the heartbeat to an incredibly simple instrumental which is occasionally elevated by a flicker of piano or a hypnotic brush with the string section. 

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