Rebecca Black just dropped a hyperpop version of ‘Friday’

To mark the 10th anniversary of her hit song, Rebecca Black has given it a facelift.


Can you believe it’s ten years since Rebecca Black detailed a very average teenage day in song?

To mark the occasion, the self-aware pop icon has given the people exactly what they didn’t know they wanted – a hyperpop remix of ‘Friday’.

The track features pitched up vocals from Black and verses from DJ duo 3OH!3, rapper Big Freedia and hyperpop musician, Dorian Electra.

In true Craig David style, 3OH!3’s verse confirms they’re “sick of living through these Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdays”. Thursday, however, gets a pass. Because it’s almost Friday.

The video, which sees Rebecca Black driving in a soft top with her ‘Friday’ gold disc riding shotgun, will premiere this evening.

The ‘Friday’ remix follows another new release from Rebecca Black. ‘Girlfriend’ is a queer anthem with the now 23-year-old Black telling Bustle, she’s ready to reveal her true self.

Rebecca Black has also confirmed that more new music is on the way, saying that ‘Girlfriend’ is taken from a larger project that will be released at some point in 2021. Hyperpop producer Umru (Charli XCX’s ‘Click’) and pop hitmaker Jenna Andrews (BENEE’s ‘Supalonely’) have been working with Black on the new project. Ballads and slow-jams all round then, is it?


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