Sleeve Notes Podcast: Pearl Charles talks through her new album ‘Magic Mirror’ track-by-track

In our new podcast, artists talk through the story behind their new album, track by track.


To mark the launch of her cosmic new album ‘Magic Mirror’, Pearl Charles talks us through each song, track-by-track in this podcast.

“The name [for the album] came to me in a dream,” explains Pearl. “I went to sleep and I asked the universe to bring me a song in my sleep and when I woke up, I didn’t have a song quite yet, but I knew the album was going to be called ‘Magic Mirror’.”

From the influences, the instrumentation and the lyrics, we go deep on the makings of this seventies-inspired gem of a record in our new podcast Sleeve Notes.


Listen to Pearl’s album, front to back, with exclusive notes from Pearl in between each song. If you’re a fan of Fleetwood Mac, The Carpenters or even ABBA, this record is definitely worth your time.

Pearl Charles was part of The Future Five for 2021 – five artists you can’t afford to miss this year.

Take a tour of Pearl’s incredible Joshua Tree home in the video below.

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