Sleeve Notes podcast: Chloe Moriondo talks through her new album, track-by-track

Debuting a new shaved head, on the Sleeve Notes podcast, Chloe Moriondo talks through her new album, 'Blood Bunny', track-by-track.


Detroit native Chloe Moriondo’s new album is here and she’s got a badass new shaved head to mark the occasion. Much to the delight of her three million YouTube followers, The 18-year-old dropped ‘Blood Bunny’ last night: an emo-pop record steeped in tales of growing up and first love.

Keen to hear the stories behind each song, we sat down with Chloe for our Sleeve Notes podcast, where she filled us in on the inspiration behind each track on ‘Blood Bunny’, which she describes as her first “big kid” album.

From the impossibly-cute ‘Samantha’, an ode to her girlfriend or ‘Rly don’t care’, a response to haters on the internet passing comment on her looks, Chloe fans will love these sleeve notes.


Spotify Premium customers will be able to listen to each track in full, in between Chloe’s commentary. Don’t pay for it? No sweat, you’ll still be able to hear Chloe’s audio and a snippet of each track.

To mark the album launch, Chloe has debuted a brand new look shaving her head and painting it with leopard print, in a ‘Rly don’t care’ move. What do you reckon to Chloe’s new ‘do? Let us know in the comments section below.

Blood Bunny