45s of the week: HotWax, Addison Rae, Cherry Glazerr and more!

The week's new releases, reviewed by Tyler Kelly.


HotWax – ‘Drop’

The explosive new single ‘Drop’ marks HotWax’s first new music since the release of their acclaimed debut EP ‘A Thousand Times’. With the fuzziest bass lines and brooding vocals which erupt into piercing screams without warning, it’s no surprise that the grunge-leaning trio are about to head off on tour with rhythm section heavyweights Royal Blood.

Addison Rae – ‘2 die 4’ (Feat. Charli XCX)

After two years, Addison Rae has finally released the follow-up to her debut single, ‘Obsessed’. This lo-fi pop banger is a self-love anthem wrapped up in the heat of a booty call. “Not for life / just for tonight is my mood”, she sings after describing putting her number and address into someone’s phone, and hoping they’ll think she’s to die for.

Cherry Glazerr – ‘Ready For You’

“Wish I was ready for you!” Clementine Creedy screams at the top of her lungs, as she sings through feelings of inadequacy and pushing people away because you’re afraid of hurting them with your troubles. Washed-out scuzzy guitars hang in the background whilst her frustrated vocals take the forefront. It’s equal parts emotive shoegaze and raging indie rock.


Demi Lovato – ‘Confident’

Combining drums that sound like the beginnings of a war dance, with guitars that ring out like a dystopian warning siren, it’s clear that Demi Lovato means business. ‘Confident’ is the latest in her string of alternate rock versions of songs from her previous albums. Released eight years ago, the track oozes big domme energy, which is completely amplified in its new heavier state – “It’s time to get the chains out / Is your tongue tied up? ‘Cause this is my ground and I’m dangerous / and you can get off but it’s all about me tonight,” she sings.

Priya Ragu – ‘Vacation’

Coinciding with the announcement of her highly anticipated debut album, Priya Ragu has released a breakbeat summer banger which arrives appropriately as we enter that awkward British phase of the year when summer feels like a distant memory. As the SAD starts to set in, this track is a reminder to acknowledge the danger of burning out, as well as becoming overwhelmed by the pressure of expectation. Take a vacation, and find your endless summer.

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