45s of the week: Flowerovlove, Halsey, FLOHIO and more!

The songs you need to hear this week, reviewed by Rhian Daly


Flowerovlove – ‘Hannah Montana’

The word on the street for a while has been that Flowerovlove is an inventive new star destined for big things and the 16-year-old’s latest release only reinforces that chatter. A bouncy piece crafted from piano plinks and clipped guitar lines, it details the two sides of the rising artist’s life – buzzy icon of the future and everyday teen. “What you say, should we skip school?” she asks nonchalantly. “Run to Paris, hotel rooms / Hannah Montana, this is real life too.” Dreamy. 

Halsey – ‘So Good’ 

Even if you don’t believe in fate, sometimes life has a way of suggesting it might be real. Halsey’s glittering new single is one example of that, with the star detailing their winding path to getting to be with their partner, Alev Aydin. “I touch your hand for the first time / I see it on your face / Another lifetime’s flashing by,” she sings of their first meeting, but other relationships got in the way. Just as the song’s urgent, lovelorn chorus will stick in your head, so did Aydin for Halsey. “You’re all I think about and everywhere I look,” she sighs. “I know it’s bad, but we could be so good.” 

FLOHIO – ‘Cuddy Buddy’ 

Written as a way of expressing how “mentally tired” South London MC FLOHIO was at one stage, ‘Cuddy Buddy’ lurches through a dark, minimal instrumental that reflects that heaviness deftly. “You wanna fill the void? / Come to the place that’s dangerous,” she raps as part of a revolving refrain towards the track’s end, its words growing in hypnotic power each time they’re uttered. 


Demi Lovato – ‘Skin Of My Teeth’

Demi leaves rehab again / When is this shit gonna end?Demi Lovato asks on their pop-punk new single ‘Skin Of My Teeth’. “Sounds like the voice in my head / I can’t believe I’m not dead.” Typically frank from the LA star, the track lets out the pain of their struggles with addiction via searing, infectious riffs that feel like glorious catharsis amongst the darkness of Lovato’s “fucking disease”.  

Been Stellar – ‘My Honesty’ 

The latest single from Been Stellar, one of New York’s most exciting emerging bands, opens with an onslaught of bright but insistent guitars and drums; a crashing wall of sound that commands attention. Once they’ve got you by the crook, the five-piece whip you away on a hunt for personal authenticity, frontman Sam Slocum hollering: “My honesty, my honesty / Where do we go from here?” 

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