‘Dear Boys World…’ – Advice on anxiety, beginning relationships and chasing your dreams

This week, the girls tackle anxiety, chasing your dreams in a world that seems determined to hold you back and how to overcome those pre-relationship nerves.


Boys World’s killer debut EP ‘While You Were Out’ is out now but the girls have still found the time to answer your questions! This week, they’re looking at anxiety, chasing your dreams in a world that seems determined to hold you back and how to overcome those pre-relationship nerves.

Dear Boys World… There‘s this girl that I‘ve liked for a long time. We’ve already met several times, but she lives about 1.5 hours away from me. I know that she likes me too but I‘m so scared of a relationship! I‘m getting so anxious when I even think about having a close relationship with someone.@ontourwithcarla

Hey! Thanks for the question ? I know it can be really scary to be so close to someone and to truly open up, but it can also be amazing!! If you truly really like her and would want something to happen between you two then I say go for it!! There are so many amazing things that come with being so close to someone. Having someone really understand you and support you is a great feeling, also being that person for somebody is just as rewarding! But on the other hand, knowing your boundaries is really important because you should always feel comfortable – take it slow if you need to! Good luck, I hope everything works out ? 


Dear Boys World… How do I deal with my anxiety? it’s been getting worse and lately, I’ve been having a harder time trying to calm myself down. Any advice?@mynameisnotisabel

The first piece of advice I could give you is to try and find a therapist. A therapist can help talk about your anxiety in an understanding environment. I haven’t been able to find one yet, but my friends and family who have one say that it has helped them tremendously. If getting advice from professionals is something you’re not ready to do or don’t have access to yet, that’s alright. For me,  it took some time to understand what triggers my anxiety and figure out things I can do to calm myself down. I love to journal and listen to my favorite playlist when I have moments of anxiety. Not only does journaling help me figure out why it happened, but it also calms me down because I’m no longer attached to it. Everything that I felt isn’t stuck in my body anymore, it’s words on paper. I hope that this helped you somehow. Never ever be afraid to ask for help. 🙂

Dear Boys World… Any advice to people who wanna chase their dreams in spite of a society that tries to drag them back?!@dstubbornstar

What I learned about being my genuine self when it came to following my dreams is that I attract the right people for me. Whether that’s work, my friends, relationships, any interactions. Be yourself and don’t be afraid to do so. Not everyone in this world will like you and support you, and that goes for every single person in this world. But, there are so many things to look forward to when on your path to following your dreams, you meet people along the way who have the same dream as you do, you go through obstacles you never knew you were strong enough to handle, and you blossom as a person. Let’s shed light on the greater things to come as well and not only acknowledge what’s going to be hard about your journey to come. 

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