‘Dear Boys World…’ – Advice on love, self-confidence and motivation

This week, the girls share tips on how to build confidence, how to stay motivated during overwhelming times, and what to do when it feels like everyone else is in love except for you.


Boys World may have just released the lyric video for their new track ‘Tiptoe’ but they’re certainly not tiptoeing around your problems! This week, Lillian, Makhyli, and Olivia from your new favourite pop group, explore how to become a more confident singer, share tips on how to stay motivated when everything is overwhelming, and suggest what you can do when it feels like everyone is in love except for you.

Do you ever procrastinate and feel super overwhelmed and unmotivated? If so, how do y’all pull yourself out of that and start being productive again?@grandeswrId

I’ve been feeling this way a lot recently and the first thing you need to know is that it’s normal! Even though it can be hard to believe it sometimes, everyone goes through these ruts but it’s just temporary. It also sometimes takes a little bit of time to get through them – it’s not just an overnight fix. It might sound silly but start with the smallest things and work your way up to your ideal productivity. For example, you can start with making your bed, cleaning your desk, making yourself a nice breakfast or even just getting up in the morning. You must reward and be proud of yourself for doing these little things and you can eventually work your way up to the more big tasks that you have to do! If you don’t get everything you wanted to get done that day, don’t beat yourself up. Remember to be gentle with yourself! Think to yourself: is this going to matter that much in a year? It usually won’t. You have to reward yourself for the things you do and understand that you didn’t do everything you wanted to do but not break yourself down because all that does is just put you back in that hole a little more. I know it can be really hard to not get mad at yourself because you feel like the goal is so easy to reach, but it’s not. It takes time and patience and it’s going to include setbacks. Or you might just be lucky and have a couple of days of this and then get back to how you were! Whatever your story is just know you’re doing great and trying your best and that’s all you have control over! ily ?


Dear Boys World, I struggle a lot with being confident enough to sing in front of others. Even though I do post covers here and there, I always cringe hearing my own voice. Any advice on how to become more confident in that area? –@gabnuggets

Hello. This is a super-great question! Struggling with confidence with singing at first is super common and can be easily worked on! Start by singing by yourself, around the house, or in your room. Really get to know your singing voice. Then move onto recording yourself through voice memos to hear what others hear. What do you like? What can you improve on? Your tone is special and unique so make sure you appreciate it. Taking singing lessons and really working on your voice will only improve confidence. Take your talent seriously. From there, singing for people you trust can be the next step! I know it can be scary but asking for critiques can help you learn things about your voice that you didn’t realise on your own. Other perspectives can come in handy. At the end of the day don’t let other people’s criticism weigh too heavy on you, especially from online people. There are many trolls on the web that just simply like to hate because they have nothing better to do. If you love singing and if posting covers is something you have always wanted to do… do it. It can be so fun looking back at your old covers to see the progress. recording yourself can also help with your presence/ performance. Get EXCITED because you get to choose out of millions of songs. Pick songs that challenge you and really feel good in your heart to sing. With those two things in mind, you can’t go wrong! I really hope this helped you and I hope you have an amazing time on your singing journey!

Dear Boys World, what do you do when you feel like everyone is in love except for you? @alexi_s456

Love is a wonderful feeling. But it’s hard to watch everyone fall in love with other people while you’re still alone: I get it, trust me. We’ve all had our fair share of dealing with being alone. There’s a reason why you’re not falling in love with anyone right now. It could be the fact that the timing isn’t right for you or it could be a sign that you should start channelling that love internally. As cheesy and “oh my gosh, I’ve heard this a million times” as it sounds, it’s true. Love for another person is great, but truly loving yourself is a superpower. If you really get to know and love yourself, the amount of love you’ll have to offer for your future person will be huge! What you can do to practice self-love is take yourself out on a date, order some food in, write yourself a love letter or even list all the things you love about yourself. Also, try not to focus so much on what other people are doing and who they’re falling in love with. With society on social media today that’s something we can’t control, but you can control how much time you spend looking. Comparison will hurt you more than you realise. Everything is easier said than done, but even one simple step, like going on a walk to get your mind off of this subject, will make you feel better. With all that being said, we’re sending you all the love and support you’ll need on your self-love journey.

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