Everything we know about the new 1975 album

When can we expect new music from Matty and co? Here's everything we know so far.


Over a year on from ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’, The 1975 have cancelled all of their 2021 tour dates and are cracking on with a new album.

When the band shared their updated schedule in January, they noted there was a new record in the works, and just this week, frontman Matty Healy shared an Instagram post, captioned “Making another ‘classic record’ smh”.

This was followed by another post, which features the neon light that covered the first two albums – self titled and ‘I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It’ – but with the light switched off. Matty had previously hinted that their fourth album marked the end of an ‘era’ for the band. Is the turning off of the light symbolic? Fans seem to think so.

Alongside the prospective album, the group are said to be working on a side project under their Drive Like I Do moniker; the name they used to go by many years ago but has since taken shape as a separate entity.

They’re a group who rarely stop working on new music, putting out four lengthy albums since 2013 and producing records for their Dirty Hit labelmates, so here’s a check-in of what they’ve been up to and everything we know about the new 1975 album.

When will the new 1975 album be released?

Famously promising two albums in six months on the last cycle, maybe we shouldn’t take anything Matty says at face value…

Last December, Matty shared an update on Drive Like I Do’s music, saying it would arrive in February 2021 (it hasn’t), but we’ve yet to receive any information on when The 1975’s new project will be out.

But according to the band’s manager and label boss Jamie Oborne, the album is coming along nicely, with a tweet stating the new demos sound ?.

What is The 1975’s new album called?

Usually releasing the title long before the album cycle kicks off, we’re sure Matty will announce this soon enough, and it’ll be a whole mouthful.

What will The 1975’s new album sound like?

Moving on from the electronic 80s sound of their first three albums on ‘Notes…’, we could expect another switch up, a continuation of the more stripped back, lo-fi sound of ‘Notes…’, or maybe a sonic return to the big bangers.


The only indication of a new sound we’ve had from the boys recently is their collaboration with No Rome and Charli XCX, the semi-hyperpop dance track ‘Spinning’.

Who will it feature?

The 1975 do often collaborate on other artists’ records, but feature spots on their own albums are few and far between. Guest spots on ‘Notes…’ ranged from Phoebe Bridgers, FKA twigs, and Cutty Ranks, to a spoken word interlude from Greta Thunberg and Matty’s own father Tim Healy, so it’s anyone’s guess.

Matty has since been in the studio with labelmate Beabadoobee again, working on EP ‘Our Extended Play’, and collaborated with frequent studio buddy No Rome, and Charli XCX on single ‘Spinning’. He also recently collaborated with Holly Humberstone, on her track ‘Please Don’t Leave Just Yet’

Have we heard any tracks from the new 1975 album?

Not yet! Previously previewing new tracks live (like ‘If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know)’ on their February 2020 tour), that’s not been an option for a long time, so we’ll have to be patient.


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