NiNE8 Collective drop smooth hip-hop single ‘Hush Hush’


NiNE8 Collective offer the second installation in their new era with latest single ‘Hush Hush’. The track follows ‘Imagination’, their first release of the year, which drew on a cocktail of influences from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory to the 1986 anthem, “We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off”.

This time, the London-based alternative hip-hop group’s latest output ‘Hush Hush’ calls on the honeyed vocals of Biig Piig and firebrand verses from rappers Lava La Rue, Lorenzorsv and Bone Slim.

The track explores the idea of oversharing on social media, Lorenzorsv explains, with such platforms taking people “further and further from their own sense of reality. This song is our polite way of saying ‘Shut up, and live your life’.”


Bone Slim elaborates: “The message is unity: stand together and bop. AND STOP CHATTING WASS.”

Drawn together by their inner-city perspectives and mutual love of music and innovation, NiNE8 Collective are a multicultural, multifaceted and multi-talented force to be reckoned with. Their interests extend far beyond music, with the crew having a top-down involvement in their brand all the way from the artwork to the apparel.

The group is ever-changing and expanding, but the core members, who started as a close group of college mates making music, are Lava La Rue, Biig Piig, Mac Wetha, Nayana IZ, Lorenzorsv, Nige and Bone Slim.

Despite all of them nurturing their own solo careers beyond NiNE8, with producer Mac Wetha having recently signed to Dirty Hit and Biig Piig finding a home with RCA, they still always come home to NiNE8.

Their cross-cultural interests have led to high-profile collaborations with the likes of Tate Modern, London Fashion Week, Boiler Room, Converse and Lacoste.

“Hush Hush” and “Imagination” are the forerunners for a new project from NiNE8 Collective set to be released later this year.