Christine & the Queens teases MGMT collaboration

In 2020 Chris named MGMT as one of her "dream collaborations".


Christine & The Queens has announced he will soon be releasing a track with MGMT.

Speaking to fans via his ‘Angel Transmission 551’ Instagram broadcast channel, the French artist said: “This year is the year of collaboration and there is one coming from MGMT which I’m very proud of. It’s going to be out soon. I wanted to celebrate today, friendships in music, friendships in art and the power of true collaboration – discovering an artist through collaboration is always interesting, to see how they work, their emotional relationship to the music. Some are obsessed, some are distant.”

MGMT recently released three singles from their upcoming album ‘Loss Of Life’ out Feb 23. They demonstrate a more pared-back, acoustic sound from the French electro-pop duo.


‘Loss Of Life’ will be the first new LP from the band since 2018’s ‘Little Dark Age’. Christine & The Queens will reportedly feature on a track called ‘Dancing in Babylon’ which sounds like it will be a lot of fun.

Watch the video to MGMT’s first single, ‘Nothing To Declare’ below.