Is Cardi B missing? Her fans seem to think so 

As her followers appeal for information about her whereabouts, some think a new album could be incoming


It’s been a while since the world heard from Cardi B, who has been so quiet of late that her fans have mocked up a missing person poster appealing for information about her whereabouts. 

“If you have any information about Cardi B, please contact Bardigang,” the poster reads, directing any sightings to the rapper’s loyal fanbase. It notes that the last sighting of Cardi was on January 1, 2024 – not strictly accurate given she was seen out on a date with her husband Offset on Valentine’s Day, but a promotional post aside is the last time she posted on Instagram.

Fans’ poster campaign – which has taken over social media and the streets of Miami alike – might not just be about locating the rapper. Since the missing ad started circulating, some have speculated this is actually the start of a new album rollout for Cardi. With trucks displaying the hashtag #WhereIsCardi driving around New York and similar billboards being displayed in Times Square, they could be right. 


If Cardi is about to announce details of a new record, it will mark only her second album since making her major label debut with 2018’s ‘Invasion Of Privacy’. Since that album, the star hasn’t exactly disappeared – singles like ‘WAP’, ‘Up’ and ‘Bongos’ have kept her at the forefront of hip-hop and, in the case of ‘WAP’, blazing her way through new records. 

On both ‘WAP’ and ‘Bongos’, the rapper teamed up with Megan Thee Stallion, who, last year, shared an insight into what Cardi is really like. “When I first met her, she was so shy!” Meg explained in an interview. “Anybody’ll probably see her online, and they think her personality gonna be one way, no, it’s so opposite.” 

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