Macaroni in a pot – it’s the best WAP memes

It's the gift that keeps on giving.


2020 will be remembered for three things: Coronavirus, the BLM movement and two of hip-hop’s finest writing a song about the moistness of their nether regions. WAP hasn’t been without controversy and where there’s controversy, luckily for us, there’s memes.

We’ve rounded up some of the best WAP mashups, pics and videos the internet has to offer. Enjoy.

We’ll start strong, with possibly our favourite meme of the entire year, thanks to legendary LOL-a-minute Instagram account, Love Of Huns and a little ‘Enders crossover. (Caption essential)

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That’s some dead ass Barry

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Heading back to the controversy of release week, this remix of [conservative US commentator] Ben Shapiro’s disapproving reading of the WAP lyrics is highly entertaining.

Fans were quick to dig up this meme from the Vine graveyard after hearing Cardi B’s line “Macaroni, in a pot, that’s some wet ass pussy”. A direct reference to this or a happy coincidence?

This spawned more pasta-based memes, this time dragging poor ol’ Fetty Wap into the conversation.

Another strong contender for meme of the year is this stick man getting down to the TikTok dance that everyone has, by now, attempted when drunk.

This meme, is just about showing appreciation where it’s due.

Kylie Jenner’s slightly odd WAP cameo spawned a lot of memes. This is one of our favourites.

There’s been a lot of this.

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This is the only correct answer #WAP

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And a fair bit of cat-based humour, naturally.

And we’ll end with this, a very valid point. Thank heavens for small mercies.