Cardi B’s not as in-your-face IRL as you think she is, according to Megan Thee Stallion

The Houston hottie has revealed what her ‘WAP’ and ‘Bongos’ collaborator is really like


Given her brash public persona and social media presence, you’d be forgiven for thinking Cardi B is probably just as loud and in-your-face in her everyday life too. But, according to her friend and collaborator Megan Thee Stallion, you’d be wrong. 

As it turns out, Cardi can be just as reserved and timid as the rest of us when she’s not performing and promoting eye-wateringly explicit rap bangers. 

“When I first met her, she was so shy!” Meg revealed in a recent Billboard interview. “Anybody’ll probably see her online and they think her personality gonna be one way, no, it’s so opposite.” 


She’s not the type to stay like that forever, though. “As we got more [close as] friends — you know people start off shy and then they get like ‘Oh, yeah, this the real you’? — I feel like I definitely get to see the real her,” the Houston hottie continued. “She’s just so nice, and she’s really a kind person. That’s what I really like about her. 

“And she just raw. First thing that come to that lady brain, she gon’ say it! And I like that. I respect people like that. She’s definitely a ‘take it how you wanna take it’ type of person.” 

If anyone should know what Cardi’s like IRL, it’s Megan. The pair recently reunited on another sex-positive anthem, ‘Bongos’, following their first collaboration back in 2020. That initial team-up came in the form of the record-breaking smash hit ‘WAP’, of course, which presented a rare moment of female solidarity and autonomy in the hip-hop scene