Yaeji’s cute grandad-featuring video just made us love her even more

The Raingurl singer's new music video is equal parts adorable and trippy.


Yaeji just released a new video for single What We Drew 우리가 그려왔던 featuring her grandpa, her mates and an onion and it’s all a bit cute. It begins with some of her old pals from back in South Korea introducing themselves. Then we see Yaeji – real name, Kathy Lee – and her grandad having a stroll along the river bank that links Yongin to Seoul.

Born in Queens, New York, Lee’s family moved back to South Korea when she was nine. “Yaeji is my first grandchild.” the old man says, holding her hand. “We stayed together while her parents went to work.”

The pair pause to take a selfie, but gramps puts his finger over the lens. They chuckle. It’s adorable.

Watch the video for What We Drew above

Yaeji and her grandpa – whose nickname is legit. HAPPY – are seen strolling off down the river, before she links up with her friends and everything takes a trippy turn. She showers an onion with affection, sprinkles it with fairy dust, gives it a little stroke while in the bath and then does some pretty normal stuff like eat dinner before her crew all dance around a giant onion-y shrine.

What We Drew 우리가 그려왔던 is the second track from Yaeji’s new mixtape of the same name, her first full-length project and a follow-up to 2017’s EP2. The American-born producer and songwriter made it mainstream with 2017 tracks Raingurl and Drink I’m Sippin’ On, the success of which saw her bag Coachella and Sønar festival slots in 2018.

Her new project, on XL Records, further cements her as one of the most exciting talents in electronic music. Her understated vocal and chilled-out melodies make this body of work a good choice for whiling away the days in lockdown. Her tour might be postponed, but Yaeji’s vibe is just as well suited to lazy days indoors as in the club. That said, we are counting down the days until her November dates. Please Corona, let us have that much.

Listen to the new mixtape, below.