45’s Of The Week: Maisie Peters, Yaeji, Poppy and more

The tracks you need to hear this week, reviewed by Jenessa Williams


Maisie Peters – ‘Lost The Breakup

Having built a fandom through radical lyrical transparency, breakout popstar Maisie Peters knows a thing or two about warts ‘n’ all songwriting, taking the listener through the “feeling and dealing” of dating. On ‘Lost The Break Up’, she’s manifesting summery triumph, fantasising about the moment when you feel strong enough to breeze past your ex without consequence. Borrowing from the playful, self-deprecating style of Taylor Swift, it’s the perfect relatable, fist-pumping taster from her forthcoming second album, ‘The Good Witch.’

Feeble Little Horse – ‘Steamroller

For fans of Wolf Alice, Lime Garden and My Bloody Valentine, Pittsburgh quartet Feeble Little Horse channel every bit of the vulnerable cool that their moniker suggests, a gang of lo-fi indie-film protagonists watching as the world burst into flames. ‘Steamroller’ is the song to light the match, careening guitars snaking around Lydia Slocum’s lyrics of personal resignation: “I’m the only one who sees me naked”. Both a lament and an unapologetic reminder of boundaries, their duality begs for repeated listens. 

Lizzie Berchie – ‘I Hope

An alumnus of the prestigious Leeds College of Music, newcomer Lizzie Berchie feels like a true student of soul, burrowing deep into the genre as a way of shaping her own impeccable voice. The sonic equivalent of waking up on a Sunday morning and realising that you’ve got time left to snooze, the comforting warmth of ‘I Hope’ is delicious to behold, giving itself over to the idea of a love which truly ticks all the boxes. With a vocal this intoxicating, it won’t be long before Berchie finds exactly what she’s looking for. 


Poppy – ‘Church Outfit

If MSN-era emo screen names were still a thing, Poppy’s latest lyrics offering – “Life is a commercial for death” would be right up there with some of the most impressive. Pulsing and seething, ‘Church Outfit’ a welcome return to Poppy’s more industrial elements, building into one hell of a closing crescendo: “Don’t need your weapons/I’ve got my own.” It’s not immediately clear whether this is a full track or simply a teaser of things to come, but either way, consider us part of her black parade. 

Yaeji – ‘Passed Me by

Speaking of weapons, Brooklyn-based DJ Yaeji is ready to wield her own on ‘With A Hammer’, a debut album that makes good on years of much-deserved hype. Evading typical melody, the first 30 seconds of ‘Passed Me By’ feel a little disorientating, but as the track emulsifies, it forms a delicious sonic soup, stirring clattering beats, delicately-enunciated Korean lyrics and the gentle sway of 90s neo-soul. 

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