The best revelations from Shamestation: Shame’s calamity lockdown interview series

By revelations, we mean things you definitely didn't need to know.


They say that the rise of the internet has caused journalism to be deprofessionalised. Any literate human with a computer and a broadband connection, now considers themselves a writer/interviewer/presenter, making blogs and vlogs and pods to add to the vast internet content wasteland. The latest have-a-go heroes to shit all over our once hallowed profession are Shame, who have decided that through lockdown, they are going to “interview” their friends over Zoom. Did they study journalism at school? Did they spend years interviewing Ken Hom and Gino D’Acampo before they were let loose on an actual pop star? No, dear reader, they did not. Did that stop them? No, no, of course it didn’t because they are young, dumb and full of… confidence in their own abilities. Charlie Steen is half naked for most of it FFS.

In truth, we’re obviously just jealous that we did not get to interview actual Spice Girl Mel B (love you Mel). How Shame managed this, we don’t know. They seem to be great mates, much like Shame and Frank Sinatra’s granddaughter (a mystery that will, for now, remain unsolved). But we can tell you Shame, if we had got an opportunity to chat to the scariest of Spices, we would have treated it with the respect it deserved and at very least, kept our top on. Mel B does not need to see your nipples! And we definitely wouldn’t have bleeped out loads of her questions with weird noises and animations of hippos.

Needless to say, Shame’s Shamestation is an odd and surreal experience that sits somewhere between a hipster PowerPoint party and a childhood game of 20 questions. But here, to save you digging in, are the series’ biggest revelations*.


Mel B loves a cheesy Wotsit

She does, yeah.

Fontaine’s DC’s Grian Chatten didn’t like Columbus

The place, not the explorer, although by all accounts he was a twat.

Geordie Greep from Black Midi would call Shame’s new album ‘Bedtime for Bozos’

Good title, that.

Lias from Fat White Family has plans to go to a Wuhan wet market to live stream himself playing the entirety of Bob Marley’s ‘Legend’

100% would watch.

The Chats Eamon Sandwith always wanted a pet rabbit as a kid


*Think these revelations aren’t very revelatory? Well yeah. EXACTLY. Next time try getting a journalist on the job, lads. (I’m available).