45s of the week – reviewed by Gorillaz’ Noodle!

This week's 45s are reviewed by none other than Gorillaz' Noodle, who is a woman of few words.


“The purpose of art is self-expression. To review is to look over or improve, but I cannot express for another. So it is not possible. Instead I offer what I can” – Noodle.

Benee ft. Lily Allen and Flo Milli – ‘Plain’

Music no longer revolves at 45 revolutions per minute, but revolution is very much needed now. 

 Anna of the North – ‘Believe’ (Cher cover)

The non-native speaker can bring a new meaning to the most simple terms. At 162 seconds, this is very much wit. 


Lambert – ‘Brack St. Twen’

My mentor would ask – ‘which was first, abstract thought or language’ There is no answer but without words the mind can rest.

Biig Piig – ‘Oh No’ 

When we travel, we have companions we might not choose. I prefer yes, very much so, on my terms. 

Junglepussy – ‘Main Attraction

Quiet has great value and Junglepussy knows this, and the value of beauty too.