45s of the week: Kim Gordon, Goat Girl, Warpaint and more!

The tracks you need to hear this week, reviewed by Kim Gordon


Kim Gordon – ‘I’m A Man’

Formless distortion grabs the listener by the collar, holds them in suspension, and demands them to listen to Kim Gordon’s definitive vocals as she sings about the diminishing role of traditional masculinity. “I’m not ideal / I’m a person / I won the war but I lost my way”, she sings, dethroning the archaic male role in society, in favour of a neutral playing field – “I’d like to shave my beard just so / manicure my nails / put on a skirt”.

Goat Girl – ‘ride around’

Marking the return of the band after three years, Goat Girl waste no time on easing you in gently. From the scuzzy grunge intro which softens into an arpeggiated instrumental akin to Radiohead’s ‘Weird Fishes’ to the folkier outro which has elements of Brian Jonestown Massacre, it’s as though they’re making up for lost time with a release that sometimes feels like three songs stitched together.

Warpaint – ‘Common Blue’

Combining straight post-punk drums with dream-pop guitars and languorous vocals, ‘Common Blue’ sees Warpaint revelling in the sweetness of camaraderie, two decades on from when they first found each other. Accompanied by a video which gives a behind-the-scenes look at life on the road, it’s hard not to be drawn into the idea of starting a band with your own besties.


Mary In The Junkyard – ‘ghost’

London newbies Mary In The Junkyard cement their ethereal indie shoegaze identity on their second single, ‘ghost’. Telling a tale of going to a house party full of strangers, they explore simultaneously finding joy in the unknown alongside feeling afraid of the unknown. Vocalist Clari Freeman-Taylor says the song is about “the love in new friendships, and the excitement of finding new wisdom”.

Lizzy McAlpine – ‘Older’

Imbued with the idea of letting go, Lizzy McAlpine is coming into her own on ‘Older’. Stripped back to just a piano and her silken vocals, she reflects on a period of time where she was filled with self-doubt, and afraid of the loss that the future is guaranteed to bring. Towards the end of the song, she comes to accept that these cycles are a part of the natural order, and there’s nothing wrong with being curious about the ending of your own story.

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