45s of the week: Kaeto, IVE, Rachel Chinouriri and more!

The tracks you need to hear this week, reviewed by Rhian Daly


Kaeto – ‘No Body’ 

If there’s one thing we all have in common in 2023, it’s that we spend a fair amount of time looking at ourselves through a screen – be that on TikTok videos or curating our lives on Instagram. Kaeto’s hypnotic new single ‘No Body’ examines that phenomenon from within, the singer-songwriter combining powerful vocals with needling, addictive electronic grooves as she does so. It’s the most fun you’ll have while pondering your relationship with technology and yourself. 

IVE – ‘Baddie’

The world of K-pop is brimming full of exciting new girl groups right now, but IVE are right up there as one of the most thrilling. On their new EP ‘I’VE MINE’, the six-piece serve up a healthy dose of attitude on the infectious ‘Baddie’. “In this thriller, I’m the villain,” Jang Wonyoung declares at one point. “Don’t think, just do is my motto.” Sign us up for these “pretty little risky baddies”’ gang now. 

Rachel Chinouriri – ‘The Hills’ 

Written in the midst of feeling out of place in LA, Rachel Chinouriri’s searing new single is a vital  dissection of home and the importance it has on our identities. “When you don’t belong, the hills we know,” she sings wisely, over a ‘90s grunge-pop backing. “It’s visible you don’t belong here.” The musician might not have felt at home in the City of Angels, but this track reinforces her place as an incisive, brilliant songwriter. 


Debbie – ‘I’m Different’ 

On ‘I’m Different’, Debbie reclaims her insecurities as unique powers, offering a valuable and empowering message for anyone struggling with their own differences. “Own it with confidence,” she advises, but hints she’s still on her own journey. “Ain’t no girl in this world like me / Hope one day I see.” 

Jesse Jo Stark – ‘Fallout’ 

“So, as you know, this has been hell,” Jesse Jo Stark sings plainly over a skeletal acoustic guitar. “I live in hell.” It’s a minimal new offering from the LA singer, but one that packs in plenty of emotion, her vocals rife with melancholy and despair, commanding the track as new layers fade in and out. 

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