8 upcoming spring albums to make the girlies scream

If the devil works hard, music's main pop girlies work harder.

Almost all of our favourite artists are releasing albums this spring and while on the one hand, that gives us an awful lot of work to do, we are also counting down the days until all these albums are ours (and spending far too much money on merch and pre-orders in the meantime).

Check out the records set to dominate summer 2024. If women reigned at this year’s Grammy’s, next year’s will be a doozy.

1Beyoncé – ‘Act II: Cowboy Carter’

If you haven’t already dusted off your cowboy boots then you’re late to the party. Beyoncé has been bopping around the top of the UK and US charts with the first track from her new country era, ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’ for several weeks and Act II of ‘Renaissance’ promises to be a full heel-kicking affair. Country music’s long been in need of a shakeup and Queen Bey is just the woman do it. Plus, check out the merch – it’s great.

Release date: March 29 2024

2Maggie Rogers – ‘Don’t Forget Me’

We’ve only heard one song from Maggie Rogers upcoming album, but my gosh, is it a keeper. The album’s titular lead single is a country-tinged track that wrestles with the feeling you get in your late twenties/early thirties, when all your friends start settling down and having kids and you can’t even remember to take the bins out. It promises an introspective album from Rogers, one that questions place and purpose. And we couldn’t think of anyone better to sing all of our anxieties out loud.

Release date: April 12 2024

3Girl In Red – ‘I’m Doing It Again Baby’

We’re entering Girl In Red‘s Main Pop Girl phase. First single, ‘Too Much’ showcased a more slick, polished sound from the indie heartbreaker – one that shouted out the pitfalls of being with a partner who doesn’t get you. Follow-up ‘DOING IT AGAIN BABY’ is a big, anthemic indie stomper. We know Marie’s got a lot more in store for her hordes of devoted fans.

Release date: April 12 2024

4Taylor Swift – ‘The Tortured Poets Department’

This one needs no introduction. On stage at the Grammys, Taylor Swift announced that she has somehow found time to record a whole new record The Tortured Poets Department’ which will be the fruits of two years’ work. Fans are speculating that it will be about her breakup from Joe Alwyn but we’re yet to hear any new music. One thing’s for sure, it’ll be a hit! Read everything we know about TTTPD here.

Release date: April 19 2024

5St Vincent – ‘All Born Screaming’

For her upcoming seventh album, shapeshifter Annie Clark aka St Vincent has dropped the persona, instead leaning into raw, heavy emotion and the realisation that “life is a fucked-up firedance and all we have is the people we love”. With collaborations from Dave Grohl, Flea and Cate Le Bon plus exquisite visuals from conceptual artist, Alex Da Corte, this is promising to be a St Vincent era you won’t want to miss.

Release date: April 26 2024

6Dua Lipa – ‘Radical Optimism’

First came 80s-inspired ‘Houdini’, then dancepop-by-numbers track, ‘Training Season’. But according to Dua Lipa, the rest of the bonafide megastar’s third LP is … wait for it… Brit-pop influenced? That alone has got us itching for a listen and with news just announced that she’s going to headline this year’s Glastonbury, we’re feeling radically optimistic that there are at least three more stone-cold bangers on DL3.

Release date: May 3 2024

7Rachel Chinouriri – ‘What A Devastating Turn Of Events’

The long-awaited debut from indie angel, Rachel Chinouriri, promises heart-tuggy lyrics, devastating introspection, break-ups and diaristic songwriting. As Chinouriri told us in an interview the end of last year, “Lyrically, it is a bit of a trauma dump, a journal of a whole bunch of things that I struggle with — not just boys! I think for the first one I was like, let me just make it about all of the stuff I want to get off my chest, and then the next album can be creative and fun and experimental. I wanted people to listen and instantly be like oh, this is what she’s about.” Get ready to weep.

Release date: May 3 2024

8Maya Hawke – ‘Chaos Angel’

The third album from Maya Hawke will explore the feeling that even when you try to be a good person, you cause chaos wherever you go. First single ‘Missing Out’ again demonstrates the Stranger Things star’s gift for songwriting – catchy, character-led indie-rock with some instantly quotable lines. We can’t wait to hear more.

Release date: May 31 2024