45s of the week: Coach Party, Kelela, Flowerovlove and more!

The tracks you need to hear this week, reviewed by Rhian Daly.


Mae Stephens – ‘If We Ever Broke Up’

There are TikTok viral moments and then there’s Mae Stephens’ TikTok viral moment. Ever since the start of the year, her debut single ‘If We Ever Broke Up’ has been dominating the app based on a snippet alone – and for good reason. A funky piece of alt-pop addictiveness, it’s fresh, fun and lets you tap into a fantasy of putting that shitty ex in their place. “If we ever broke up, I’d call your dad,” the Kettering newcomer sings confidently. “And tell him all the shittiest of things you’ve said.” 

Coach Party – ‘Micro Aggression’ 

What are you looking over here for? / Never seen a girl before? / Why you trying to push for more?” Coach Party’s Jess Eastwood asks confrontationally in the opening lines of ‘Micro Aggression’. The rising Isle Of Wight band’s new single only grows in ferocity from that point, its rumbling, dark rock pulling from Wolf Alice’s most menacing moments to set the micro aggressors of the world straight and make one thing abundantly clear – Coach Party aren’t going to put up with their bullshit anymore. 

Flowerovlove – ‘Love You’ 

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, flowerovlove submits a new swooning, romantic song for consideration for loved-up playlists everywhere’. ‘Love You’ is dreamy, dazed and cinematic, growing from twinkling beginnings to lush new heights that make you feel like you’re gliding high above the rest of the world. “Love you, and I’ll always love you forever,” the 17-year-old star sings, which is exactly how you’ll feel about this song. 


Kelela – ‘Enough For Love’

“Are you tough enough for love?” Kelela asks on this hypnotic final single from her new album, ‘Raven’. A dismantling of society’s perception of masculinity, the alternative R&B icon urges a partner to let their guard down, open up, and let love in. Turning the tables on the concept of strength, she closes out the song by confiding: “I need a tougher love / You’re enough for love.” 

Shalom – ‘Soccer Mommy’ 

Named after indie darling Soccer Mommy, Brooklyn-based Saddle Creek signee Shalom’s new single reflects a time in her life when, the new recipient of a driver’s license, she’d spend her days driving around listening to that artist’s ‘Color Theory’ album. Just as that record would make her feel brave on the road, this track finds Shalom singing from a position of strength, owning her past mistakes over fuzzy, brittle indie-rock. 

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