The Future Five – Flowerovlove: “Flowerovlove is all about love”

The Future Five are five artists you need to know about in 2023. Get to know Flowerovlove.


17-year-old Joyce Cisse – AKA Flowerovlove – has her sights set on superstardom. Her summery pop tracks have earned her a loyal Gen Z following, young people who resonate with her effortless confidence and inventive songwriting about teenage life. Infectious single, ‘Hannah Montana’  – an ode to the Miley alter ego – was named one of our songs of 2022. Her debut EP, ‘Mosh Pit In The Clouds’ was packed with more woozy earworms and after topping many a hype list for 2023 – including this one – we were keen to find out more about the teen icon.

What first got you involved in making music?

My brother started producing music to impress some of his friends and everyone in the house knew I could sing, so he suggested we started recording music together. We ended up making a song that ended up being one of my first releases ‘kiss & chase’. 


Tell us about how a song comes together for you

Well, first I start off in the studio and focus on how I want the song to feel. I always make sure I go for a feeling not for a sound. I start with the instruments first, then a melody second and then lyrics. 

You’ve used social media to build a really engaged fanbase. Do you see it as a force for good?

Yes I do see it as a force for good. It helps me bring people together in real life which is the most impactful part for me. 

You’ve said that world domination is the goal. What’s the masterplan to getting there?

Well, it wouldn’t be a master plan if I shared it.

Your fashion career is growing alongside your music, facing campaigns for Gucci and walking in Paris Fashion Week. Where does your style inspo some from?

Yes I love fashion. My style inspiration comes from various things such as things I see on runways, Pinterest, also people I see in real life and sitcoms too!

What are you most excited for in 2023?

I’m most excited to see, meet and interact with new fans.

What’s one thing you want people to know about Flowerovlove?

That Flowerovlove is all about love.