45s of the week: Lana Del Rey, Sabrina Carpenter, Art School Girlfriend and more!

The tracks you need to hear this week, reviewed by Tyler Kelly.


Sabrina Carpenter – ‘Feather

Actress and singer/songwriter Sabrina Carpenter hits the nail on the head of what makes a good pop song, in ‘Feather’. Heartbreak is always a good source of inspiration – especially when you decide to focus on how much better you’ll eventually feel once you’ve shed the good memories of someone and you can grow from the experience. “I got you blocked / Excited to never talk / I am sorry for your loss,” she giggles, and her confidence is something to keep a note of when Hot Girl Summer comes around again!

Scene Queen – ’18+

In her first release since 2022’s ‘BIMBOCORE VOL.2’ EP, Scene Queen is intentionally controversial and going straight for the jugular as she calls out sexual abuse and grooming in the music industry. As everything drops out after a catchy chorus, which puts the spotlight on ways that abusers have been able to take advantage of impressionable young people, a monotonous robot voice seems to symbolise the regularity of the statement: “The allegations that have been made of * bleep bleep bleep * are a matter we do not take lightly”. A shitstorm of djent beats erupts, with a provoking declaration to follow: “Oh shit they did it again”. 

Lana Del Rey – ‘The Grants’

Opening with an acapella refrain, sung by Melodye Perry, Pattie Howard, and Shikena Jones, who all started in ’20 From Stardom’, it’s hard to assign ‘The Grants’ to Lana Del Rey on first impression. But of course, her honeyed vocals are definitive from the moment they begin. A love song for her family where, despite the struggles they’ve faced, and those they have lost along the way, Del Rey is going to continue to bring lightness into their lives. “My pastor told me when you leave all you take is your memory / and I’m gonna take mind of you with mind”. Read our review of Lana Del Rey’s ninth album ‘Ocean Blvd‘.


Art School Girlfriend – ‘Closer To The Clouds

Art School Girlfriend describes her upcoming second album as “a series of small euphorias”. Whilst listening to her latest single, it’s hard not to romanticise yourself getting lost in a foggy room of smiles, swaying in slow motion, revelling in their own state of bliss. As the electronic soundscape oscillates around her, Art School Girlfriend looks back on her twenties with an air of wistful hindsight, until she reaches a conclusion. “I understand,” she repeats as though she is finally forgiving herself for something that will forever remain unknown to the outside world.

Gretel Hänlyn – ‘King of Nothing

To celebrate the release of her second EP ‘Head of The Love Club’, Gretel Hänlyn releases ‘King of Nothing’ which was Clara Amfo’s Hottest Record. Over the scuzzy, blueprint that Hänlyn has perfected in her instrumentals, she takes a swipe at people who are trying to undermine or disrespect women. Kim Deal basslines intertwine with intoxicating double-tracked harmonies a là The Big Moon, yet it’s still distinctly the 20-year-old singer-songwriter who seems to have it all figured out. 

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