Pale Waves tease release of tracks that didn’t make it onto ‘Who Am I?’

Heather Baron-Gracie has suggested some of the tracks might see the light of the day in the near future


Pale Waves have 10 songs that didn’t make it onto the final tracklist for their second album ‘Who Am I?’ and they might release some of them soon. 

The band released the new record and follow-up to 2018’s ‘My Mind Makes Noises’ last week (February 12), but we might not have to wait too long to hear even more new tracks from the Manchester group.

During an AMA session on the Indieheads subreddit, singer Heather Baron-Gracie answered a question from a fan asking if there were any songs that didn’t make it onto the album. “There are about 10 tracks that didn’t make the album,” she replied. 


Responding to a similar question from another fan, Gracie elaborated: “Yesss might release one in a couple weeks.. as there are a few I really love that didnt make the album.” 

Elsewhere in the AMA, the singer discussed her favourite poet, the importance of the band’s single ‘She’s My Religion’ and how she wrote ‘Odd Ones Out’. 

In a review of ‘Who Am I?’, The Forty-Five’s Sophie Williams called the album one full of “weighty and brutally honest themes”. “As Pale Waves’ aspirations to follow in the footsteps of their alt-pop heroes become more overt – the scuzzed-up melodies of Alanis Morissette are heard in ‘Run To’ – you can only feel as though their hearts are clearly in the right place,” the review read. 

“‘Who Am I?’ is an often thoughtful and moving listen, one that displays a band finding some much-needed comfort in the familiar.

Speaking to The Forty-Five recently, Gracie discussed the video for ‘She’s My Religion’, which stars her and her girlfriend Kelsi Luck. “I didn’t want to misrepresent it as playful or experimental or overly sexualised,” she explained. “I wanted it to be genuine and honest rather than a straight girl dabbling with another girl to get more views. There are too many videos like that and they piss me off.”

She added that she hoped the video would empower viewers to be more confident in their sexuality. “People should accept your sexuality,” she said. “It’s not like you’re killing children! If anyone was to ever reject me because of my sexuality I would tell them to fuck off.”

Listen to ‘Who Am I?’ in full, along with commentary from Heather Baron-Gracie in our new Sleeve Notes podcast.