Is Olivia Rodrigo teasing her first post-‘Drivers License’ release?

Her social media accounts suggest so


It looks like Olivia Rodrigo could be teasing her first release after the phenomenal success of her viral hit ‘Drivers License’. 

The pop star topped charts across the world with the track earlier this year, with her claiming the top spot in the Official UK Singles chart for nine consecutive weeks. 

Now, Rodrigo seems to be gearing up for her next move. The singer has erased all of her old photos from her Instagram page, replacing her past posts with two new cryptic videos. 


In the first, which she posted yesterday (March 27), a cone of ice cream slowly melts on the screen of an old-fashioned television. In a second, which followed a few hours later, images of waves crashing on rocks and a car driving down a road are shown on the same TV. 

Neither video has sound or a caption. Fans have responded to the mysterious posts by likening Rodrigo to one of her heroes. “You’re pulling a Taylor,” one fan wrote in the comments. 

In February, Rodrigo turned 18 and, to mark the milestone birthday, she shared a playlist of her 18 favourite songs. She described the collection as tracks that had “shaped me into the woman and songwriter I am today”. 

On the list were the likes of Carole King, Pat Benatar, Bob Dylan and Smashing Pumpkins. The star also selected three songs by Taylor Swift, including ‘Picture To Burn’, ‘Out Of The Woods’ and ‘Betty’. 

Of the former, she explained: “I’m the biggest Swiftie ever and I never stop talking about it. ‘Picture To Burn’ was my first favourite song. I was super young when it came out and I remember I wasn’t allowed to say stupid old pick up truck cos I thought stupid was a bad word.” 

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