Olivia Rodrigo announces new single ‘Deja Vu’

Could it be as big as 'Drivers License'?


Olivia Rodrigo has announced the release of her next single, ‘Deja Vu’. 

The track will be her first piece of new material since her song ‘Drivers License’ became a global smash hit earlier this year. 

“my new song deja vu is out Thursday at 9am pst,” Rodrigo shared on Instagram yesterday (March 29) while sharing what looks like the single’s artwork. “I promise it’s not an April fools joke lol.” 


The track has also been previewed with billboard adverts across America, which hint at some of the song’s lyrics or themes. “Strawberry ice cream, one spoon for two,” read the posters over an image of Rodrigo holding a cup of the food. 

The news of the song comes after the pop star deleted all of her photos from her Instagram page last week, replacing them with cryptic videos instead. Her Instagram feed has since been restored but the videos, which included vintage clips shown on old-fashioned televisions, remain. 

Fans responded to the mysterious posts by likening Rodrigo to one of her heroes. “You’re pulling a Taylor,” one fan wrote in the comments.

Meanwhile, in February, Rodrigo turned 18 and, to mark the milestone birthday, she shared a playlist of her 18 favourite songs. She described the collection as tracks that had “shaped me into the woman and songwriter I am today”.

She chose three songs by Taylor Swift for the collection, including ‘Picture To Burn’, ‘Out Of The Woods’ and ‘Betty’.

Of the former, she explained: “I’m the biggest Swiftie ever and I never stop talking about it. ‘Picture To Burn’ was my first favourite song. I was super young when it came out and I remember I wasn’t allowed to say stupid old pick up truck cos I thought stupid was a bad word.” 

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