New Arctic Monkeys album: everything we know so far

Is a new Arctic Monkeys album on its way? Here's everything we know so far


Thanks to some new info from erm, a farmhouse in Suffolk, we can start to get excited about Arctic Monkeys’ next album.

The follow up to 2018’s ‘Tranquillity Base Hotel and Casino’ could be just around the corner, with reports from Tudor getaway house Butley Priory stating the band have been staying there over the summer.

In a now-deleted blog post on the venue’s website, it was confirmed that Arctic Monkeys had been recording an album, but what comes next is all up for interpretation.

When will Arctic Monkeys’ new album be released?

Drummer, Matt Helders confirmed during an Instagram live in January that the band were in the early stages of making a new album, which was later evidenced by the reports from Butley Priory.

With the album allegedly recorded between June and July, we’ll not expect it immediately, but it could very well arrive by the end of the year if we’re lucky. 

With that being said, there was a whole five years between ‘AM’ and ‘Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino’, so don’t hold your breath.

An eagle-eyed reddit user, who claims to have guessed exactly when ‘TBHAC’ started recording, is also predicting we’ll hear the record in early 2022. 

What is Arctic Monkeys’ new album called?

There’s currently no title announced, but fans are referring to the upcoming project as AM7.

What will Arctic Monkeys’ new album sound like?

Famously shapeshifting their sound every cycle, it’s anyone’s guess as to what the record will sound like, especially considering the polarising sonic change between their last two records.

According to Butley Priory’s blog post though, staff were hearing a lot of “double bass, strings and piano”, so it seems safe to assume it’ll be on the moodier side again.


Have we heard any tracks from AM7?

Not yet, but the staff at Butley Priory definitely have. Better give them a call for the scoop.

Are Artic Monkeys going to tour soon?

Yes! Get on your dancing shoes because Arctic Monkeys have announced some European tour dates and festival spots.

9 – Istanbul, Turkey, Zorlu PSM
10 – Istanbul, Turkey, Zorlu PSM
12 – Burgas, Bulgaria, Port Of Burgas
16 – Pula, Croatia, Arena Pula
18 – Prague, Czech Republic, Výstaviště Praha


August 13 – Summer Well Festival in Buftea, Romania

August 15 – Sziget Festival, Budapest, Hungary

August 23 – Zürich Openair in Switzerland

August 25 – Rock En Seine, Paris, France

September 1 – Cala Mijas Festival, Malaga, Spain

September 2 – Kalorama, Lisbon, Portugal


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