Maggie Rogers is sitting on an unreleased breakup album

"It's a lot poppier, a little bit dancey"


Maggie Rogers confirmed that she is sitting on an entire unreleased album of music from 2020 that’s potentially bit too “bitter” to put out. She dangled this carrot to fans via her TikTok channel, but if the music never sees the light of day, we’ll have The Mumfords to blame.

“So there was an entire other record that I made in Maine in 2020, while I was making ‘Surrender‘, Maggie revealed. “It was a lot poppier, a little bit dancey, like acoustic guitar with some synth-bass, but I was processing a breakup and I remember this advice that Ben and Marcus from Mumford and Sons gave me. We were in the studio in 2018 working together in London and I wrote a lyric and they looked at me and said: ‘Don’t write anything bitter.’


those songs kinda slap tho

♬ Be Cool – Maggie Rogers

She goes on to explain: “Their idea was that bitterness is like a cover crop. It’s an emotion that underneath, there’s something way more interesting like sadness or anger and you’ve got to get to that emotion. Also bitterness passes and then you get into forgiveness or you just kinda get over a breakup. That’s not a taste you’re going to want to have in your mouth for as long as this song remains in the setlist. So we’ll see if I ever go back to those songs, but there it is.”


Sage advice, perhaps, but a little bitterness has worked OK for Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo. We say screw the Mumfords and drop the album. Revenge is a dish best served cold, after all.

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