Lorde’s gone brunette again – but it’s her water bottle that’s really got people talking

Move over Stanley Cup – Lorde's started a new water bottle trend.


Staying hydrated is important and we can rely on healthy angel, Lorde, to start the year off with all the gear to make sure she drinks her three litres a day.

Yesterday, the singer shared a headless picture to her Instagram story sporting an excellent fit – baggy knitted vest, oversized shirt, wide-leg trousers – with glimpses of brown hair just visible in shot. It seems the age of Blorde is over and the singer has gone back to her roots.

But despite Lorde’s new do, it was her water bottle that really got people talking. Fans were quick to track it down to be Snow Peak’s Titanium Aurora bottle which will set you back a cool $184.95.


The Titanium Aurora Bottle is an anodized titanium drinking vessel. Designed in Japan, the bottle is made of 1mm thick titanium that is ultralight and durable. The titanium reportedly leaves no aftertaste gives “an enjoyable drinking experience regardless of beverage.” Pretty swish.

Buy Lorde’s water bottle

However, is there more to the bottle than meets the eye? Fans reckon it might be a hint at the multicoloured, ravey new era she’s embarking on for her upcoming fourth album which we’re hoping will emerge at some point this year.

“Notice how she’s holding something that fits the aura color gradiant she’s been alluding too”, writes saltystir in Reddit. “I’m not into clowning but she’s been throwing a lot of aura-related things online. She posted her aura reading a couple of times and a picture of the word aura too.”

Of course, the bottle isn’t actually called aura, but aurora, so this theory might be going nowhere but considering how rarely Lorde engages with social media, it seems there has to be an intentionality behind these posts.

Or maybe she’s just reminding us of the benefits of good old H2O. Keep up to date on everything we know about Lorde’s new album.