Stop mourning boygenius – the soundtrack to A24’s ‘I Saw The TV Glow’ features new Phoebe Bridgers music

Trust A24 to deliver the indie soundtrack of dreams.


It may be less than a month since boygenius announced their indefinite hiatus, but Phoebe Bridgers is already making her next move. Today, the trailer dropped for upcoming A24 movie, I Saw The TV Glow – a coming of age, sci-fi horror with soundtrack indie kids will be obsessed with.

The soundtrack includes new songs from Sloppy Jane featuring former member Phoebe BridgersCaroline Polachek, Snail Mail, Jay Som, L’Rain, Maria BC, King Woman, Yeule, Florist, Bartees Strange, The Weather Station, Drab Majesty, Hop Along‘s Frances Quinlan, Proper., and Sadurn.

Snail Mail’s Lindsay Jordan also has a significant part in the film, as does Fred Durst, and the trailer confirms that Sloppy Jane with Phoebe Bridgers will also perform in the film alongside King Woman.


I Saw The TV Glow is directed by Jane Schoenbrun whose previous movie, 2021’s We’re All Going To The World’s Fair (also something of a sci-fi horror) was scored by Alex G, who has resumed duties for this film. We’re All Going To The World’s Fair has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 90% which bodes well for this new release.

In the movie, two young people watch a TV show called The Pink Opaque – also the name of a Cocteau Twins album – which begins to alter their reality.

The movie and soundtrack drop on May 3.