Is Hayley Williams teasing a new solo album?

Fans think the Paramore star is up to something


Hayley Williams appears to be teasing the imminent release of more new solo music. 

The Paramore frontwoman released her debut solo album ‘Petals For Armor’ last summer. 

In a video that surfaced online earlier this month, Williams could be heard saying, “We don’t need drums if this is my ‘Folklore’”, seemingly referencing Taylor Swift’s first surprise release of 2020. 

Fans have spent the weeks since speculating that the musician has another album on the way, and they’re convinced it’s called ‘Flowers For Vases’. There’s some evidence that this phrase will have some importance in whatever Williams is teasing – most notably that her official website redirects from to

Once you’re on the site, you’ll find an animation of flowers, candles and other items laid in front of a cross. There’s also a 16-second audio clip of an acoustic guitar being played. In the background a dog is heard barking while, at the end, a female voice says something that fans have interpreted as “my limb”. 

Although the audio is unclear, it seems like that theory could be correct. Fans have been receiving mysterious packages from Williams that contain doll’s limbs with notes that read: “Plant me”. 

Yesterday (January 27), the star posted a black-and-white illustration of a saw cutting into an arm with a tourniquet wrapped around its end. “dont give me the tourniquet,” she captioned the post, potentially revealing the title of a new song or a new lyric.

Williams has form when it comes to sharing cryptic clues ahead of an album announcement, having teased ‘Petals For Armor’ in a similar manner. If her description of the record as “my ‘Folklore’” is accurate, it also makes sense given Swift’s love of Easter eggs. 

Many fans have theorised that ‘Flowers For Vases’ could be a prequel album to Williams’ 2020 record, given its “darker visuals” and the fact the musician recently dyed her hair back to a shade of orange, most synonymous with Paramore’s ‘Riot!’ era. 

Nothing has been confirmed at present, but you might want to keep your eye on Williams’ social media pages for more clues.



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