FKA twigs’ new album is “a love letter to dance music” 

The star’s next record has been inspired by raves in rural Czechia and Mozart


FKA twigs is hard at work on the follow-up to 2022’s ‘Caprisongs’, and she’s given us some hints about what to expect from the record in a new interview. 

For this album – which is currently without a release date – she’s teamed up with producer Koreless in London but has been pulling from her experiences further afield to inform the songs. Speaking to British Vogue, twigs waxed lyrical about the effect dance music has had on her recently, saying: “This was the first time I think a culture that I knew but wasn’t particularly invested in changed my DNA. Dance music really did that. I’m a different person now.” 

The star also shared how Mozart had led her to go raving in rural Czechia – an event that seems to have had a big impact on twigs. While in Prague to film The Crow in 2022, she stayed in a hotel that had once played host to Mozart, who would hermit himself away in his room composing symphonies for months. 


Instead of shutting herself away with music, twigs went out into the countryside to find it, heading to a rave outside of the city. “Imagine a derelict building, and there’s just mist everywhere, so you can’t see where you’re going,” she described. “Literally, all you can hear is the thud of the four-four techno beat. You go inside this big warehouse, and everyone is dancing. Everyone looks so good, but they’re not there to pull a look; they’re just there to dance. They’re just like angels; every single person’s just an angel. 

“In that moment, it just occurred to me: my brain’s thinking properly again! Because I’d had the most intense brain fog for a couple of years. And I just thought to myself: ‘This feeling is the best feeling in the whole world. How fucking incredible that I’m just alive in this place.’” 

Despite all that, twigs has said this upcoming record isn’t a dance album but just “a love letter to how dance music makes me feel”. Either way, colour us very excited for what’s to come.