Corey Taylor says he consoled Daphne and Celeste after disastrous Reading 2000 performance

The magic of the backstage area.


Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor has recently revealed that he offered words of support to pop duo Daphne & Celeste after they were bottled off stage at Reading Festival 2000.

The ‘Ooh, Stick You’ duo’s ill-fated Reading Festival performance has gone down in history as one of the worst receptions ever given to an act by a festival crowd. The pair, who were just teenagers at the time (and two of only a handful of women booked on the bill that year – and let’s be honest – every year since), got through only couple of songs, before the assault of bottles being hurled at them by an hostile Reading crowd became too much and they were forced to abandon their set.

As a guest on James Acaster and Ed Gamble’s Off Menu podcast, Corey Taylor remembers watching it all unfold.


“Do you know what’s fucked up about Leeds and Reading at that time?” he says, “I was out in the audience when people started getting bottled. Daphne and Celeste. Oh my God dude. I was out there, hanging out with some friends of mine and I was like ‘Who are these people?’ and they were trying to explain it to me. Then the seas opened and it came out of nowhere. But Dang! To their credit man, they stood there and took it. They only did two or three songs but they thought, ‘Fuck it, we’re gonna go for it.’ Then I went backstage and they were bawling their eyes out. And I said ‘Hey. You did something that a lot of people wouldn’t have done. You stayed in there, so hold your head up.’ I don’t know if they fucking cared what I said.

James Acaster adds, “I was 15 and in the audience and full believed at the time they deserved the bottling. Now, as an adult, I do not.”

Listen to the full podcast below, which is mostly about Corey’s bowel movements.

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