Cardi B asks fans to help her find alleged robber

The rapper claimed the man had robbed someone at gunpoint and kept them hostage


Cardi B has asked her fans to help her find an alleged robber, sharing a photo of the suspect on her Instagram page. 

“Anybody knows this man from New York?” The rapper captioned the blurry photo. “I’m looking for him… You tried it BUDDY!!!” 

She added that she would also give $10,000 (£7,287) as a reward for any info on the man pictured. 


After a Twitter user suggested she was “openly putting a bounty on a man’s head”, Cardi responded with more information about her motivations. 

“I’m not putting a bounty just want some info,” she replied. “And if I did this man put a gun on somebody’s head rob them, and kept them hostage!” 

She later confirmed that it wasn’t her who had been robbed when a fan asked if she was safe. 

The Instagram post with the man’s photo has since been deleted from Cardi’s account, but she’s still on the hunt for information about him. In a story shared earlier today (January 28), she told fans: “If you guys got any information on that a lovely man that I posted, I cannot see DMs, all of them, so just tag me in the pictures. Make sure your page is not private and tag me.” 

This isn’t the first time Cardi has offered a substantial cash reward in a bid to seek justice. In October, she offered another $10,000 for information on two people who threw acid in the face of Yocairi Amarante Rodríguez in the Dominican Republic. 

The 19-year-old was attacked when she was on her way home from work by two people on a motorbike. The suspects threw a liquid known as the “devil’s acid” at her, burning 40 percent of her body. Doctors said it was likely that Rodríguez would be left blind from the attack.