Tea and Biscuits with Marika Hackman

What happens when you finally release the album that you've been working on for almost four years? You have a sit down and a cup of tea, of course.


It’s been four-and-a-half years since Marika Hackman released her last album proper, the confident, sexy ‘Any Human Friend’. In the meantime, we had a delightful covers album which reinterpreted tracks as far reaching as Elliot Smith to Beyoncé but in truth, Marika was an artist who was struggling to find what came next.

After a long stop-start process, her fifth album, ‘Big Sigh’ is here. It’s an album of immense vulnerability – a more understated offering than its predecessor but a record that says just as much. Exploring anxiety, broken relationships and nostalgia, it’s an album of orchestral strings, delicate piano lines and looking deep within.

Always a pleasure, Marika popped ’round for a cup of tea and some biscuits to talk about making ‘Big Sigh’, how she feels now it’s out and a bit of silly chat about Jaffa Cakes.


Watch the video at the top of the article.