Debby Friday’s guide to Toronto

Hot off the release of her debut album, 'Good Luck' and ahead of her London tour dates, Debby Friday gives us the lowdown on her city.


How would you describe Toronto’s vibe?

Frenetic, fast-moving. There’s a nice quick flow to everything that I like.

We’re going to Toronto for the weekend – where should our Airbnb be?


Somewhere in the West End.

Describe your perfect day in Toronto 

Wake up, go to the gym, head to Milou for lunch, work from home for a few hours, check out the new mags at SOOP SOOP, check out whatever’s on at the MOCA, Imanishi for dinner and if it’s a really good day, a Pep Rally party to dance all night.

What’s the best bar in Toronto (and what’s good about it)?

Hard to say because I barely drink but I like The Little Jerry

What’s your favourite Toronto venue to play in?

So far, it’s been The Garrison.

Where shall we go for something to eat?

Imanishi. It’s my favourite restaurant.

Where’s the best place to buy clothes?

Any thrift store. I really like Second Cousin Vintage.

What’s the best thing about Toronto?

The people.

What’s the worst thing about Toronto?

The weather.

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