The TikTok lookalikes who uncannily resemble your fave musicians

Pretty weird.


Have you ever been told you look like a famous person? Life as a lookalike definitely has its perks—particularly if you’re interested in blowing up on TikTok, or y’know, getting laid. We’ve trawled the depths of the ‘Tok to find the regular folk who look like your favourite musicians. From the Brazilian Rihanna who knows just how blessed she is to the Ariana Grande twins, these guys really need to ask their parents for proof they don’t have a long-lost sibling.


What is happening? We could dedicate a whole article to how much this Brazilian queen looks like Riri.


This TikTokker’s bio calls herself “The Persian Anne Hathaway”. You don’t get to look like two A-list huns, that’s just greedy.


The Weeknd

He’s perhaps reaching a little bit, but there’s definitely a hint of Abel Tesfaye about this guy.

Taylor Swift

Get this girl a cardigan and some woods to stroll wistfully in, immediately!

Megan Thee Stallion

Giddy up! What we would pay to have a hint of Hot Girl Meg about us.


Y’all don’t know nun bout that Tina Snow !!anyways .. ? eh.. Reply to @amourrteee_ #greenscreen #fyp #megantheestallion #VibeZone #fypシ #lookalike

♬ Poppin Tina Snow AHHH – Kemarilyn Chanel


Nobody, no-body looks like Mitski as much as this girl.

Madison Beer

Will the real Madison Beer, please stand up.

Ariana Grande

What’s better than one Ariana Grande? Well, two of course.

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