The songs you need to get you through Libra season


She’s indecisive, she can’t decide”, Sean Kingston once sang. No, he wasn’t a Libra himself, but he may well have been singing about one.

Represented by the scales, the Libra is concerned with balance, which means they’re great at spinning multiple plates at once, resulting in an impressive array of talents in the sign.

They’re intelligent and diplomatic, the balance they crave making them great advocates for justice in all its forms, plus they’re known for their persuasive tendencies, although can struggle with decision making.

Ruled by the planet Venus, Libras are excellent candidates for stardom. Usually extroverted, they’re quick-witted and charming, not to mention incredibly stylish and wildly creative, what more could you want from a celeb?

It makes sense then, that the musical world is home to many Libras, and this month we’ve picked out some of our favourites. Here’s eight of the sign’s most irresistible stars.


A proud Libra, Halsey aligns so closely with the sign that she got fellow Libra musician Lil Wayne to draw her a tattoo for her inspired by the sign before they shared the SNL stage in 2018. And who could blame them?

She embodies many of the sign’s best traits; she’s super creative, never pinning herself down to one sound or style, and her multiple career avenues and eclectic musical catalogue could be put down to her indecisive nature. 

Libras are interested in balance and justice, as their representative icon of the scales suggests, and that’s certainly true for Halsey. Sometimes using her platform to literally speak up against injustice, or blending political messaging in with her art (see: ‘Nightmare’), true Libra essence runs through her career.

Most Libra song: ‘clementine’

Released on her birthday in 2019, this ‘Manic’ track is a gorgeous representation of her two sides, as Halsey tries to balance vulnerability and strength, backed up by the two voices fighting over the chorus. Its central lyric of “I don’t need anyone / I just need everyone” is textbook Libra too.


Cardi B

Effortlessly likeable and charismatic, Cardi B’s charm helped her rise to the top of the A-List fast. Libras are often extroverted individuals, and Cardi’s candour makes her talk show gold.

Libras are known for having great senses of style and are usually very creative, a trait that’s lent itself to many of Cardi’s music videos getting dubbed cultural resets (everyone remembers where they were when ‘WAP’ dropped, right?).

More intelligent than she’s often given credit for, Cardi B is deeply interested in history and politics, calling out former President Donald Trump on numerous occasions and showing support for rival candidate Bernie Sanders since 2016. Taking her democratic approach one step further, she announced that she could run for office one day.

Speaking of her sign, she tweeted, “I’m such a Libra it’s not even funny my sign represents me so well”. What more can we say?

Most Libra song: ‘Please Me (with Bruno Mars)’

He’s not featured in our list but Bruno Mars is also a Libra, which makes this collaboration even more interesting. Of course these two would make a sensual and seductive single like this. In tune with each other and irresistible to one another’s charms, ‘Please Me’ is a Libra anthem.

Doja Cat

Doja Cat has raw star power. A direct result of being a Libra? It’s hard to say, but it’s clear she has the natural charm and charisma her sign is known for (best shown at her VMAs hosting gig earlier this year, or her candid Instagram lives).

Her creativity is impossible to deny, whether it’s reinventing global hit ‘Say So’ over and over for each performance, or the fact you can click on ANY of her music videos and have your mind blown by the visuals, her sixth sense for aesthetics is no joke.

Speaking of videos, she nodded to her sign in the clip for ‘You Right’, her collaboration with The Weeknd, where she dons a hairstyle wrapped into the Libra symbol, and struggles to balance her heart on the scales.

Most Libra song: ‘You Right (feat. The Weeknd)’

It’s not just the video that gives this song its Libra energy, as Doja can’t choose between her man and someone new. Venus certainly rules this sexy single, and the feature from Aquarius The Weeknd? That air sign charm is something else!

A$AP Rocky

Of COURSE A$AP Rocky is a Libra. He’s a fashion leader, who’s cocky charm is so irresistible, even Rihanna fell for it.

While he’s never directly addressed his sign, he certainly embodies Libra wholeheartedly. A style innovator, he’s become as synonymous with the fashion world as the music world, and blends them both on tracks like ‘Fashion Killa’ (he also designed his own Prada stage outfits for his ‘Testing’ album tour).

His offbeat humour and honesty make him seem more laid back (sometimes you just don’t expect a man this good looking to whip out a Skepta or Tyler the Creator impression mid-interview), oh and he’ll drag himself when the time calls for it.

Most Libra song: ‘Fashion Killa’

Perhaps this Libra’s greatest achievement: being able to release a single like this without it sounding like a massive flex. Just pure facts and appreciation for fashion. We’d expect nothing less from style king. We’ll get to his Pisces muse later…


A true trailblazer in K-pop, Shinee’s Key has a long legacy as one of the industry’s most creative, stylish and charismatic stars.

Bringing ideas to the table for the group’s comebacks from 2015 onwards, he’s proved his Libra tendencies to be particularly useful in styling the group and selecting singles. In his solo ventures, he’s pushing boundaries of what K-pop can be (the packaging alone for his recent solo EP is an innovation).

He’s a charming and relatable presence in person, and although definitely more chaotic than balanced, he’s certainly relaxed and unafraid to speak his mind.

Most Libra song: ‘Bad Love’

In Key’s latest solo single, it sounds like he’s caught in the web of another Libra. Falling victim to the charms of an irresistible other? Trying to escape a turbulent relationship but the connection is too strong? Pretty accurate for two air signs really.

St Vincent

Quick and quirky, the Air sign energy is strong in St Vincent. Although some might not ‘get’ her brand of humour (a common thread among these Libras), it adds to her charm.

Libras are often extroverted, and while Annie Clarke’s aversion to interview questions might make her seem reserved, it’s her way of not putting up with bullshit.

St Vincent’s creativity knows no bounds, constantly revamping her sound and image each album cycle and creating new worlds every time, she’s also known for her out there stage performances. 

Side note, she has almost the exact same birth chart as Lil Wayne. Born just a day apart, they both also have Aquarius moons, fuelling that creative energy a little more.

Most Libra song: ‘Masseduction’

Taking this literally, the title track from ‘Masseduction’ could be linked to the Libra’s alluring nature, although this song is said to be a play on words, actually about “seducing the masses”. “Am I being seduced, or am I the seducer?”, said St Vincent of the track. Much to think about.


Marina Diamandis’ multi-persona career is the ultimate lesson in Libra-ism. Libras can be fickle people, known for their indecision and flitting between ideas, in Marina’s case trying them all, giving her chance to explore all sides of her personality through different characters.

The Libra’s diplomatic nature makes them great spokespeople for justice, with Marina standing out as one of pop’s most vocal feminists. Dropping social commentary into her music from the start (‘Oh No!’ right through to ‘Purge The Poison’), she’s never shied away from pulling together pop and politics.

Most Libra song: ‘How To Be A Heartbreaker’

Her most iconic persona Electra Heart is the central character of this single; Electra must’ve been a Libra too! Keeping to strict rules, here’s a step by step of how to charm your way into bed, but cut yourself loose before it gets too serious. Torn as to whether “Cause I love you, at least I think I do” or “Wear your heart on your cheek, never on your sleeve” is the more accurate Air sign mantra.

Donald Glover

A man of many talents, Donald Glover is our most EGOT worthy Libra. A celebrated actor, he’s always carefully balanced acting and musical projects, once filling in spare time between his ‘This Is America’ tour and Star Wars promotions with writing a whole new film (2019’s Guava Island).

The Libra’s concern for justice is shown across Donald’s career, from his Grammy winning single ‘This Is America’, to his support for presidential candidate Andrew Yang, who’s campaign he joined in 2020.

The Venusian influence is strong in Glover too, as he’s churned out some mighty fine love songs over his career, including the iconic ‘Redbone’, ‘Summertime Magic’, and earlier singles like ‘3005’.

Most Libra song: ‘Feels Like Summer’

The first track released after huge hit ‘This Is America’, Glover had big shoes to fill. On ‘Feels Like Summer’, he juxtaposes this mellow, calm and actually a bit sensual-sounding instrumental with lyrics that are a rallying cry for change, describing climate change, AI tech, overpopulation, and dying bee colonies.