Little Simz – ‘Sometimes I Might Be Introvert’ review: Britain’s best wordsmith delivers a work of beauty


Little Simz might just be Britain’s most affecting wordsmith, as she proves on second album ‘Sometimes I Might Be Introvert’. The record opens with actual fanfare and for just cause, for what’s about to unfold over the next 19 tracks is the work of a rare talent, a poet who makes both incredibly personal and on-point social commentary over some of beautiful string arrangements, ethereal backing vocals and some mighty sick beats.

The production is absolutely exquisite – we can thank Inflo for that, whose work with Sault and Michael Kiwanuka is equally notable – all cinematic soaring strings, heavenly choral refrains and spoken word interludes. Some of the latter are delivered in the distinct R.P. of Emma Corrin – that’s The Crown’s Princess Di, to you and I – who appears as Simz fairy Godmother, offering guidance in the form of generic therapy speak.

Track, ‘Little Q, Pt.2′ takes us back to Simz’ childhood, her mindblowing flow recounting tales of growing up in South London and how hard it was to escape her “ends”.


‘Speed’, which appears almost halfway through offers a distinct change of pace. Gone are the orchestral sounds and in their place, synths and a conga drum beat. “Still running with ease/it’s a marathon not a sprint

On ‘Point and Kill’, she teams up with Nigerian Afrobeats artist, Obongjayar, paying heed to her heritage: “Tell my people, “Rise up, can never be silenced/ You think we’re apologetic, I think we’re defiant

Simz uses the album to look inwards. Introverts like space to think, to process. They’re able to reflect on the noise around them and given the space, take life’s challenges and create meaning from them. That’s what Simz has done here – past trauma relating to her absent father and her upbringing is turned into a piece of art with so much clarity and purpose, it defies anyone to not see its beauty. An introvert Simbi may be, but this album is the proof, it’s the quiet ones you have to watch out for.

Little Simz – 'Sometimes I Might Be Introvert'
little-simz-sometimes-i-might-be-introvert-reviewReleased: 3 September 2021