45s of the week: Billie Eilish, Self Esteem, Squid and more!

The tracks you need to hear this week, reviewed by Grace Almond.



She’s back! Taken from Billie Eilish’s forthcoming album, ‘Happier Than Ever’, ‘Your Power’ sees the megastar portray the power dynamics in relationships when the scales are tipped, the visuals for the single seeing Eilish symbolise abuse in the form of a constrictive anaconda. In a post on Instagram announcing its release, Eilish wrote “This is about many different situations that we’ve all either witnessed or experienced. I hope this can inspire change.”. On ‘Your Power’, a stripped back melody accompanies Eilish as she sings “I thought that I was special/ You made me feel/ Like it was my fault, you were the devil/ Lost your appeal”.  Quietly brave, ‘Your Power’ is an inspiring and important track, and teases what’s to come from Eilish’s new project.


Self Esteem (the project by former Slow Club member Rebecca Taylor) has returned with ‘I Do This All The Time’, a single exploring the all-too relatable complexities of being human, particularly in the anxious lyrics. “When I’m buried in the ground I won’t be able to make your birthday drinks but I will still feel guilty”. Part-spoken word, the track picks you up with a stunningly uplifting chorus, with Taylor singing “Look up/Lean back/Be strong/ You didn’t think you’d live this long”. In support of self-acceptance, and being patient with yourself, she reassuringly hugs herself in the music video. ‘I Do This All The Time’ is yet another cut which sees Taylor fully embrace the freedom of being a solo artist.


‘Pisces Problems’ is the luxurious R&B title track of Tyson’s exciting new EP, reminding us of the haze of a mid-summer afternoon, and music by her mother, Neneh Cherry. Less upbeat than previous release ‘Tuesday’, she tells an unbothered, solidary story in the reflective lyrics “It’s nice of you to request my company/ But I’ma have to rain check/ I got troubles that ain’t cheap”, and the melody is as sleek as the rest of the EP. ‘Pisces Problems’ is a perfectly calm summer anthem.  



‘Pamphlets’ is the final track from Squid’s debut album ‘Bright Green Field’, with singer-drummer Ollie describing it as being “about all the rubbish right-wing propaganda you get through your front door. It imagines a person with that as their only source of news being taken over by these pamphlets”. In true Squid style, it’s as fun and chaotic as ever, ending the final minute with a descent into frantic screams of “Pamphlets on my door/ Pamphlets on my floor/ Open wide we’ve got everything, everything that you like”. ‘Pamphlets’ is angular, agitated indie, and an intensified, satirical take on how frustrating ignorance and public opinion can be.


Glüme has released the music video for ‘Nervous Breakdown’, taken from her new album ‘The Internet’. It’s a fresh synth-pop track from the LA-based artist, and sees Glüme tackle intense emotions in the playfully melancholic lyrics “What can I say, what can I do/ Oh you drive me so insane/ I cry again/ Here just for the ride again“. The music video is set up like a sitcom, with nods to her time spent as an actress growing up. On ‘Nervous Breakdown’, Glüme takes us on a shimmery, tongue in cheek journey that’ll lift you up even in your worst mood.