45s of the week: Wallice, Syd, IVE and more!

The songs you need to hear this week, reviewed by Rhian Daly


Wallice – ‘90s American Superstar’ 

LA-based rising indie star Wallice has already teased brilliant things to come on her upcoming EP ‘90s American Superstar’ and, now, its title track adds to that notion in fizzing, fabulous fashion. A fictional, satirical dissection of a partner falling into the trap of believing their own hype, Wallice crams in movie references and doesn’t stand for her other half’s shit. “You’re just like a growing pain and when I grow up you’ll go away,” she rolls her eyes at one point, adding later: “Stop being so damn dramatic, you just dropped by Atlantic.” It’s cutting, fun and another sign the Dirty Hit signee is a star-in-the-making.  

Maggie Rogers – ‘That’s Where I Am’ 

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard new music from Maggie Rogers – last time she put out a single (2019’s ‘Love You For A Long Time’) most people hadn’t heard of a coronavirus. But at long last, the first taste of the singer-songwriter’s second album is here in ‘That’s Where I Am’ and it’s nothing short of joyous. Over rousing indie-folk, she narrates a tale of friends becoming lovers, full dedication coursing through the chorus: “It all works out in the end / Wherever you go / That’s where I am / Boulders turn into sand / Wherever I go / That’s where I am.”  

Gracie Abrams – ‘Block Me Out’ 

In her latest collaboration with The National’s Aaron Dessner, who serves as producer and co-writer, Gracie Abrams grapples with the inner workings of her mind. “I’ve been thinking way too loud,” she cries at one point. “I wish that I could block me out.” It’s an emotional ode to those moments when your brain won’t shut up and your anxieties begin to weigh heavy on you. “I’m getting tired of feeling delicate,” the singer-songwriter admits over gently twanging folk guitars and strings, creating something beautiful out of her turmoil. 


Syd – Out Loud (feat. Kehlani)

A soulful, stripped-back cut from Syd’s new album ‘Broken Hearts Club’, ‘Out Loud’ is deceptively soft and lush. “I want you to tell me right now,” she coos, “Usually you’re running your mouth.” It’s a confrontational edge that adds intrigue to the warmth of the track, which only grows further as Bay Area native Kehlani joins in, questioning: “Why all a sudden you’re quiet? / Why suddenly you’re shy? / Suddenly you ain’t mine.” 

IVE – ‘Love Dive’ 

IVE, one of K-pop’s newest girl groups, follow up their promising 2021 debut single ‘Eleven’ with an addictive, fresh piece of unpredictable pop. As the six-piece get flirty (“If you want, dare to dive in,” purrs Rei), the track morphs from cool and modern production to segments that feel distinctly sci-fi, synths bleeping and the singers’ vocals processed through robotic effects that make them sound like their from the far-off future.